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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mother's Day Weekend 2012 / Justin's Brithday

So... I had no plans of taking a week hiatus... but it happens! There really needs to be more hours in a day... or I just need to learn to survive on little to no sleep! I think I do a pretty good job some days, however, going a week without sleep and not missing it would be awesome! :-) Just imagine what we could actually get done!

We have been busy. Understatement. I have so many pictures and stories to share that I am really not sure where to start! So let's just start here... Mother's Day Weekend 2012.

My momma came over on Thursday, I took off on Friday and we headed to my Granny's (mom's mom). My Aunt Becky (or Auntie B as H calls her) was also arriving so we had a GREAT girls weekend! Justin had a tournament so I know his feelings weren't hurt being left behind! Ha!

And I just cannot tell you how spoiled H was ALL weekend! That girl was so good... and funny!
We didn't do much but lay around. shopped some. helped my granny rearrange furniture. Just a very nice relaxing visit!

Sunday we went to church with my Granny, but not before a few pictures before we left!

Hadlea and her Great-Granny  /  Granny, H and My momma
Granny, my grumpy monster and I
My momma, H and I
My mom, her mom and her sister!
{and of course when we don't ask H to be in a picture, she jumps right in and is all smiles! little devil!}
me, H, granny and auntie B
mom, me, H and auntie B
my baby girl and I
H and her favorite, Gigi!
You know when you go to church and the message was just 'MEANT' for you... well... when this happens to me and I start getting emotional, I start laughing... like hysterically laughing. like I cannot for the life of me stop. and yes, this happened! The sermon was on giving your mom words of affirmation, acknowledging your mom, and one other. I probably wasn't listening by this point because I was feeling so guilty that I started laughing and couldn't quit!
I totally take my mom and MIL for granted! My poor mom gets my brutal honesty, which is sometimes right in your face! Sorry mom! :-( I really do feel terrible about it! But one thing about my momma... she totally understands me! And while I was hysterically laughing in church... my mom was laughing with me! :) I love you, momma!

After church and then lunch at the Country Club, we headed home to daddy! It was also daddy's 31st Birthday! H was SO happy to see her daddy!
My two babies!
My poser.. and I am DYING over her new shoes from Nana!
We went to meet Nana and Rusty for dinner that evening for Mother's Day and Justin's Birthday! They had the neatest clown in the resturant making balloons for kids! He was seriously amazing... like I just want to throw a party for an excuse to use him! And you can bet it will be sooner than later! Ha!

I hope each of you Momma's had an AWESOME Mother's Day!
I cannot even put into words how great my day was! .... or how thankful I am to be a momma to Hadlea! Oh that girl... she is seriously the best thing that ever happened to me! ...and just slightly above her brother and her daddy!

And to my Momma and MIL... thank you so much for your love and support. And showing me what being a momma is all about. I love you both more than you will ever know!

1 comment:

Andrea D said...

Happy belated Mother's Day! :)
It looks like you all had a fabulous weekend. And I love your daughter's cute little dress.

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