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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

hittin' the zoo...

We made a last minute trip to the zoo with Cat, Kate and Hayden this past weekend. Cat is one of my high school best friends, and Kate is my Goddaughter. Always so nice to get a day to ourselves and catch up!

Since it was kind of last minute, I didn't even tell H we were going until we were about to leave. She was was a happy girl!
My baby girl and I at the zoo!
Hadlea and Kate petting the baby goats!
Hayden and Katelyn
H and Kate!
We made a quick stop at the park!
And trying to get a picture of the 3 of them is almost impossible! :-)
Probably Hadlea's favoriate animal besides cows and horses... the elephant!
Then it was time for the carousel!
H and Hayden on the train before heading home!

Thanks so much for calling and coming this way, Cat! Loved having our babies together!
Hope to do it more this summer... we just need to invite the rest of the crew!! (Shannan, Jennifer, Amanda, Alea, Mikki and Lacy... let's plan it! and I will invite Gigi to watch all of the babies for a girls night after! Ha!)


Mrs. Southern said...

Hadlea is so cute! Love her little jumper she's wearing!

emily said...

How fun! What three cute girls!!

That see-saw looks neat!

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