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Monday, May 21, 2012

happy one year

One year ago today, I was on the beaches of Turkes and Caicos. I had been there 4 days. To this day and for probably many years to come, it was my most favorite trip. family and friends. LOTS of relaxing. Hadlea was there, and we had babysitters. So I got to see her all day, go out at night and sleep in. perfection! :-)

I definitely went on this trip for many reasons. After all, who is going to turn down sand, sun, the ocean and unlimited drinks?! Not me! But the number one reason I went on this trip was to gain a sister.

Alan (older brother) and I have been through tons of girls. For him, not me! ha! After meeting Amanda for the first time, I had no doubts about her. Sweet, loving, GREAT family, witty and she kept Alan on his toes. After seeing them together the first few times, I had no doubts that Alan was head over heels. There was just something about Amanda that had changed him. I knew he loved her... and I would have died trying to ensure she loved him. But I didn't have to. Seeing them together just seemed natural. Their love for each other is just something you don't always see. And I am so thankful I get to witness their love and relationship everyday. They are best friends... and LOVE to annoy each other! And nothing says true love like annoying the sh!t out of someone else! Ha!
the wedding party
my sweet family
Happy 1 year, Alan and Amanda! We love you more than you could possibly know! We cannot wait to experience the rest of our lives with you... and babies... LOTS of babies! :-)
Happy Anniversary!


Brittany said...

Which resort was it? I have been lookking for trips and your pictures are FABULOUS!

Brandi said...

Yes, what resort!!! I've always wanted to go to Turks and Caicos!!!!!!! FUN!!!

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