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Friday, May 04, 2012

Friday Phone Dump

TGIF! This has been a SUPER long week! ...and stressful! Although, I am sure I probably made it more stressful than it needed to be! Isn't that the way it always goes?! Ha! But even with it being the longest week EVER, there were some great things to come out of it:
  • a girls weekend planned for June! I cannot wait to spend a weekend with my 6 BFFs from high school! I can only think of one night since high school that we have all been together! At this second, none of us are prego! what better way to celebrate than a pool and lots of drinks?! Now... that gives someone a month to get prego... but hey, that just gives us a DD, right!? Ha! And if only I could share our privates messages between all of us. Geesh... those girls are funny and I CANNOT wait!
  • we got our carpets cleaned! Why do I always wait so long to do them?! Our house cleaner came Thursday and the carpets cleaned today and it just feels good!
Just a few iPhone Photos from the week...

Monday, we had my SIL, niece and nephew over for dinner. We were celebrating my SILs bday back in April! The kids had ice scream outside afterwards!
Tuesday was Little Gym. We have decided not to renew for the summer session. We plan to either start back in the fall or start dance in the fall.... I mean, does she or does she not look like a future dancer?! Ha!
After Little Gym we hit Panera for a 'san-ich'! Daddy had to go work on his boat so we had to take advantage of some Panera while he was gone since he doesn't like it! Crazy man!
We had to stop for two ambulances on the way home from dinner. She kept asking to see another one, so we turned to trusty ol' YouTube once we got home. I bet we watched the same 2 or 3 videos 100x. She thought they were 'great'! ...even great enough that she asked to watch the videos on the iPad while taking a bath!
She thinks this is HILARIOUS!
Wednesday morning. I couldn't resist!
Thursday night. Love my baby boy! Sure wish my baby girl would snuggle like this!
We have a super fun weekend planned! Today, pictures with my niece and nephew. Saturday, we are off to stay at the lake for my Godfather's big 5-0 birthday party! I cannot wait to see all of my family!
Happy Friday, Friends!


Kyra said...

Friday Phone Dump...I love this idea! Do you mind if I steal it?

Lisa said...

Hi! I'm stopping by from Kelly's Korner. Love the picture of Hadlea in the bath...and love the name Hadlea! Am following now.

Ashley said...

Hello! I'm stopping by from Kelly's link-up! I'm from Oklahoma too, and I'm always looking for new OK friends! You have the cutest kiddos! Can't wait to read more!

Mark and Cari said...

Hi I'm Cari and I'm visiting from Kelly's Korner. We are in the process of moving to Central Oklahoma.

Emily said...

Ha ha - love the spike hair photo!!! And her gym pose - I die. Seriously. Can we please meet up sometime so I can give her a big hug? :-)

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