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Thursday, May 31, 2012

day with my girl, brother and baby fever

I took the Tuesday after Memorial Day off to spend with my baby girl. I am hoping to take more vacation days in the summer and just spend time with her. I always save my vacation and then end up using it around Christmas time when it is cold and not much going on! I think we will have a fun summer!

We woke up, had donuts and played around the house. Justin is back to wanting to buy a new house. This comes and goes about every 6 months. I am totally up to moving, however, the whole process just stresses me out to no end. I went and looked at 2 houses by myself Tuesday and then 3 others last night, and I ended up not sleeping all night just because I couldn't get everything out of my mind! When I told Justin this morning, he said, "Heather, we do not have to move. It is totally up to you." But I remind him it doesn't matter if we move now or 6 years from now, I will still stress out! Aaahhhh..... I just want to show up and it all be done! :-) And the one thing I couldn't get out of my mind last night??? Will Berkley like it? What if he gets out? No one will know he is ours and might take him!! I totally wish I was kidding, but I just don't really care to rock his world... or baby girls for that matter!

Anyway... I will keep you up to date on the house stuff... We did find one we really like so we will see!

After house hunting, H and I picked up some lunch and headed for a picnic and the splash park!
Right after we got home, we got an unexpected visit from Uncle Alan! He stayed for a few hours. It was nice to catch up. Plus, Hadlea was in the GREATEST mood and was so funny! She was always doing something to make us laugh!
Hadlea had Little Gym so as soon as daddy got home, they headed out. I stayed home and got to watch this sweet little monkey!
Baby A Roumbanis! I totally forgot how quiet a baby is compared to a loud, busy 2 year old! And it helps that he is THE best baby ever! I might be lying if it didn't give me a little baby fever! He was just so much fun! Although, I have to take into account that it was just me and him... no loud, busy 2 year old bossing us around! Ha!
Once daddy and H got home, we had dinner. I went to put H in the bath and put her to bed and came back to his! Oh the memories this brought back! Justin LOVED rocking his sweet girl to bed every night when she was a baby! And I had prayed for that moment for so long that it was always SO emotional to see him rock her! And seeing this just brought back those memories! He is such a good daddy... and babysitter! :-)
And speaking of Roumbanis boys, the oldest one turned 5 years old on Monday! We got to stop by and see him on his birthday for a few minutes since we had missed his birthday party while we were at the lake! He had received a fish pinata for his birthday, so Justin graciously held it while Hadlea and Jackson hit it until it broke! They are going to have candy for months between the two of them!
Hope you are having a great week!
So thankful tomorrow is Friday!
Why are short weeks always the longest and hardest?! :-)


Anonymous said...

hi there! i am currently looking at homes as well... what a process!!!! its very exciting but completely overwhelming and exhausting at the same time. UGH. glad you found something you like! i am getting stressed because i haven't really found anything that I am totally in love with.. such a mess.

it will all happen just as it should is something i need to remind myself daily :)))
ps- sheesh, your family is adorable.

Katie said...

I will stress out when we start looking at houses too... just the thought of it makes me a little stressed! I think it's completely understandable. Watching daddies with babies is the sweetest :)

Brandi said...

I too would love a new house but the thought of keeping our house clean when on the market, terrifies me..ugh!!!!!!! Good luck!!!

Kelly said...

Good luck with the house!

katie@tulsadetails said...

Ha!!! You're so funny about the new house! I'd probably be the same way!! Where are you looking? Same area? How fun!

The pics with Justin and the baby - too cute!!!

Candice said...

2 is definitely a lot of work, but totally worth it. I love to see my babies together. They play together now and it's super sweet! :)

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