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Thursday, May 24, 2012

a 4th birthday and thursday thoughts

My sweet baby boy turns 4 today... FOUR! I have a 4 year old baby boy... Where has the time gone?!
Berk-y B... I love you more than you will ever know! People without dogs will truly never understand my love for you.... and I am fine with that! You made me a momma the very first time... a time when I needed you most, and I will always be grateful for God sending you to us! (If you want to know how we found Berkley or how cute of a baby he was, read HERE!)
Since I still cannot seem to focus on anything but water... you just get random thoughts mixed in with some birthday boy pictures today! :-)

- How do people not like going to the lake?! It just seems strange to me...

- Have you ever found out that someone used your blog to dictate their relationship? (dumb, right?!) I recently found this out due to a picture I posted of someone... funny thing is, I can control what I put on my blog... so even if I have pictures of those people, I don't have to post them!
- Facebook makes me need to go to confession at church more often.... I mean... the things some people say just make me think really mean thoughts! #justspeakingthetruth

- Hadlea has been in the THE best mood ever this week... not sure what changed, but I hope it continues! She was seriously making me re-think the whole 2nd child thing!
- The Oklahoma City Thunder are playing the San Antonio Spurs in the WCF. Watching Tony Parker play basketball is on my bucket list. Do I pay the price for a ticket or use the same amount of money to fly to the beach?! I never thought I would be making this decision!

- I am SO ready for my girls weekend in June... and another girls weekend in Sept/Oct! There is just nothing better than great girlfriends!
- Hadlea has started calling me MOM! I say, "I'm not mom. I am momma or mommy". She says, "No, you Heather"! Awesome!

- I wonder if my local Sonic would go out of business if I stopped visiting them every. single. morning and sometimes in the afternoon for a large sweet, lemon tea?!

Happy Birthday, sweet boy! I cannot imagine our family without you!!


jes @ twosmuppies said...

I think they are related. I am convinced.
Happy birthday to Berkeley!

Cheryl said...

Happy Birthday to your darling Berkley! Yay for OKC Thunder! I can't wait for the next series to start!

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