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Thursday, May 31, 2012

day with my girl, brother and baby fever

I took the Tuesday after Memorial Day off to spend with my baby girl. I am hoping to take more vacation days in the summer and just spend time with her. I always save my vacation and then end up using it around Christmas time when it is cold and not much going on! I think we will have a fun summer!

We woke up, had donuts and played around the house. Justin is back to wanting to buy a new house. This comes and goes about every 6 months. I am totally up to moving, however, the whole process just stresses me out to no end. I went and looked at 2 houses by myself Tuesday and then 3 others last night, and I ended up not sleeping all night just because I couldn't get everything out of my mind! When I told Justin this morning, he said, "Heather, we do not have to move. It is totally up to you." But I remind him it doesn't matter if we move now or 6 years from now, I will still stress out! Aaahhhh..... I just want to show up and it all be done! :-) And the one thing I couldn't get out of my mind last night??? Will Berkley like it? What if he gets out? No one will know he is ours and might take him!! I totally wish I was kidding, but I just don't really care to rock his world... or baby girls for that matter!

Anyway... I will keep you up to date on the house stuff... We did find one we really like so we will see!

After house hunting, H and I picked up some lunch and headed for a picnic and the splash park!
Right after we got home, we got an unexpected visit from Uncle Alan! He stayed for a few hours. It was nice to catch up. Plus, Hadlea was in the GREATEST mood and was so funny! She was always doing something to make us laugh!
Hadlea had Little Gym so as soon as daddy got home, they headed out. I stayed home and got to watch this sweet little monkey!
Baby A Roumbanis! I totally forgot how quiet a baby is compared to a loud, busy 2 year old! And it helps that he is THE best baby ever! I might be lying if it didn't give me a little baby fever! He was just so much fun! Although, I have to take into account that it was just me and him... no loud, busy 2 year old bossing us around! Ha!
Once daddy and H got home, we had dinner. I went to put H in the bath and put her to bed and came back to his! Oh the memories this brought back! Justin LOVED rocking his sweet girl to bed every night when she was a baby! And I had prayed for that moment for so long that it was always SO emotional to see him rock her! And seeing this just brought back those memories! He is such a good daddy... and babysitter! :-)
And speaking of Roumbanis boys, the oldest one turned 5 years old on Monday! We got to stop by and see him on his birthday for a few minutes since we had missed his birthday party while we were at the lake! He had received a fish pinata for his birthday, so Justin graciously held it while Hadlea and Jackson hit it until it broke! They are going to have candy for months between the two of them!
Hope you are having a great week!
So thankful tomorrow is Friday!
Why are short weeks always the longest and hardest?! :-)

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend 2012

It is Wednesday.... and I cannot get back into work mode! I took Tuesday off to stay at home and play with Hadlea, and we had such a great day! But more on that tomorrow.

This had to be hands down one of the best Memorial Weekends EVER! And that includes my 'without' a child years of drinking for 3 straight days on a boat! :-) We met the Justice family over at Lake Tenkiller and stayed at their families house. Nothing could have gone more perfect!

We went over Saturday morning and headed straight for the lake. They had bought a tube. I wasn't sure what H would think of it, but I should have known... she is a little daredevil and LOVED it!
umm... notice they are moving, H is waving and Brynlee is giving a thumbs up!
awesome... scary little devils!
Shan with her babies!
just couple videos of all of the girls tubing! they did great!
we would find a beach and park throughout the day and let the girls swim and play. the beaches were rocky, which was perfect for H! ...seeing how she hates sand sticking to her! Ha!
swimming with aunt shan!
taking in the views from the front!
playing with daddy!
Once we got off of the water, we headed back to the Justice house for a cookout! The girls played... Hadlea just followed the girls around or they would all take turns pushing each other on the bike and in the stroller. KK and B were like little mothers to Hadlea and it just melted my heart!
Sunday morning, we were up and headed back to the lake... but this time, there was no separating the girls. They all jumped in our truck!

But not before a quick picture... of course brynlee posing... now you know where Hadlea gets it! :-)
Aunt Shannan and Hadlea swimming in her duck! She thought this was SUPER funny!
my little poser and lake lover!
Late that afternoon, we took the girls back to the house and had an adults only evening. I am not about leaving Hadlea with anyone. Other than my mom and MIL, I just feel like I am burdening people, and I know that sounds SUPER crazy, but that is how I feel. Hadlea is BUSY and a HANDFUL, so I always feel terrible asking others to watch her. However, Shannan talked me in to letting her go with the girls to their grandparents... and, of course, Hadlea loved it! We called and checked on her several times and always got good reports!

And I am so thankful I listened and sent her... nothing better than quality time with this girl!
and this guy! and uncle mike too, although he isn't pictured! :-)
Our adult crew went here... party cove and seen some friends... and interesting people!
We went to dinner on the lake, watched the Thunder game and then to another marina to watch a live band. After that, a midnight ride on the boat... it just doesn't get better! (and Shan will kill me for posting this picture, but this was one of the funnest times of the day... just great quality adult time!)
And then we came home to this... I swear I think I have teared up 100 times looking at this photo! Brynlee (on the right) will be 5 in a few days. Just a couple days after she was born, the Justice family moved away from us. Although we were friends, I never knew that our friendship could grow so strong so many miles away. And to think our girls would LOVE each other SO much! I put Hadlea in bed with us that night, only for her to wake up at 430AM screaming bloody murder for her KK! We did finally get her to go back to sleep, however, she was SO ready to see KK the next morning!
Lots of pictures. LOTS of great memories. Some days I just feel so much more blessed than I should be... and this weekend just proved that. No idea why God chooses to bless my life so abundantly, but He does, and I will forever be grateful for my husband, baby girl, and amazing family and friends!! 

Thanks for the memories, Justice Family. This time next year, you will be settling into your 'long time' home. And as much as I wish it was right next door to the 'gray/brown' house, I can settle for KC... because I know it is just a LONG drive or a short flight away... and we have so many more memories to make in the years to come! Love you all!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

memorial day weekend

spending memorial day weekend with friends.
3 of the most precious girls ever.
all best friends.

3 sleeping beauties.
most beautiful picture ever. 
life just doesn't get much better.

Friday, May 25, 2012

phone dump friday

I remember when my postman delivered clothes for H and I... now... nothing but daddy's fishing 'stuff'!
We made some last minute plans with friends last Sunday to cookout... the kids played in the water table and loved it!
We had Berkley a birthday party last night. He was terrified of the candles. I thought it was so strange! But H was SO happy to eat his cupcake!
I put H in the bath the other night. When she got out, daddy had put the sprinkler out to water the grass. She asked to go play... so I let her! She thought it was fabulous! We then had to go re-wash! But so worth 15 minutes of giggles!
Happy Friday, Friends! I hope all of you have an awesome Memorial Day Weekend!

Thank you to the troops and their families {past and present} for the sacrifices you have made for me and my family! There are just no words for a proper Thank You! May God bless each of you over this weekend!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

a 4th birthday and thursday thoughts

My sweet baby boy turns 4 today... FOUR! I have a 4 year old baby boy... Where has the time gone?!
Berk-y B... I love you more than you will ever know! People without dogs will truly never understand my love for you.... and I am fine with that! You made me a momma the very first time... a time when I needed you most, and I will always be grateful for God sending you to us! (If you want to know how we found Berkley or how cute of a baby he was, read HERE!)
Since I still cannot seem to focus on anything but water... you just get random thoughts mixed in with some birthday boy pictures today! :-)

- How do people not like going to the lake?! It just seems strange to me...

- Have you ever found out that someone used your blog to dictate their relationship? (dumb, right?!) I recently found this out due to a picture I posted of someone... funny thing is, I can control what I put on my blog... so even if I have pictures of those people, I don't have to post them!
- Facebook makes me need to go to confession at church more often.... I mean... the things some people say just make me think really mean thoughts! #justspeakingthetruth

- Hadlea has been in the THE best mood ever this week... not sure what changed, but I hope it continues! She was seriously making me re-think the whole 2nd child thing!
- The Oklahoma City Thunder are playing the San Antonio Spurs in the WCF. Watching Tony Parker play basketball is on my bucket list. Do I pay the price for a ticket or use the same amount of money to fly to the beach?! I never thought I would be making this decision!

- I am SO ready for my girls weekend in June... and another girls weekend in Sept/Oct! There is just nothing better than great girlfriends!
- Hadlea has started calling me MOM! I say, "I'm not mom. I am momma or mommy". She says, "No, you Heather"! Awesome!

- I wonder if my local Sonic would go out of business if I stopped visiting them every. single. morning and sometimes in the afternoon for a large sweet, lemon tea?!

Happy Birthday, sweet boy! I cannot imagine our family without you!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

ready for the lake!

We have been busy getting ready for Memorial Day Weekend on the lake... which means I am having an AWFUL time focusing at work! All I can think about is getting to see my bff, Hadlea getting to see KK and B, the sun, water and lots of drinks! The lake always makes for great memories! There is never a dull moment... plus, I think this will be the year that Hadlea just LOVES it... or is that wishful thinking?! I just honestly cannot wait!
We spent all of Monday evening deep cleaning the boat, getting the life jackets and everything ready, washing towels, restocking the boat... We had LOTS of help! ...when her baby wasn't sleeping in the ice chest, of course!
So since I cannot seem to think of anything else... here is some reminiscing from over the last couple of years!

wakesurfing behind the boat on skiatook
tenkiller with my bff 
baby girls first lake trip! 
tenkiller with the justice family / skiatook with riley and hannah 
summer #2 for hadlea! 
 big daddy and i
fun with my girls! 

now that I have looked through 6 years of lake pictures, it is time to work!
happy wednesday!
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