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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

what she's saying wednesday & baseball

I am pretty sure I wonder on a daily basis where Hadlea comes up with the stuff she does. She is just so funny! We are always laughing at things she says... and I am pretty sure that is the last thing Justin and I talk about in bed every night before falling asleep. There is just no telling what she has said that day!

I think the greatest one to date happened this week. I got a text from her daycare teacher, "I hear there are Congratulations in order. H just told us mommy was having a baby. She said it was a girl!" Ummm... Yeah...  NO!! unless she knows something that we do not, there is no baby on the way. And the drinks I had last weekend and will this weekend are proof! :-)

Just some other randoms I have been jotting down:
  • "I use my magination" (Imagination) - Barney says this alot, and of course, what Barney says is the Bible! Ha!
  • We say alot of phrases(?) around here... which she is starting to pick up on and say in the right text. "No way, Jose!", "burp face" (when she burps), "toot face" (when she toots), etc. I know... all of these are original and VERY classy! But there is just something so funny about her saying, "I not a burp face, you a burp face!"
  • "Love you, Babe!" - I call Justin babe alot so now when she cannot get his attention with daddy, she yells, "Hey Babe!" Which always gets a good laugh. At night she usually says, "Night Daddy. Love you, Babe!"
  • "That scare me!" - I think Hadlea is starting to enter a phase of having fears. She tells us alot of stuff scares her these days. {God, please do not give me a wimpy kid! :-)}
  • "What's that noise?" - She is always asking what certain noises are. If we are in the house and she hears anything outside, she asks what it is and wants to go see it! If it is a baby, she HAS to see the baby. This can get interesting in church when there are hundreds of people in there and she starts yelling, "I hear baby cwying! Where that baby?"
  • "Who that?" What his/her name?" - If we are out shopping or playing and she sees a kid that she would like to talk to or play with, she will start asking who they are and what their names are. I find this very funny. I have been telling her to ask them, but right now she just kind of shrugs it off. The funniest is when she does it right in front of their face. I'm like, "they are right in front of you, ask them!"
  • "It's okay!" - She definitely gets this from me. If she falls down, runs into something, etc and I think she is going to cry, I start saying "It's okay. It's okay." I think she has started picking up on it. If she drops her baby, she will say, "It's okay. It's okay baby. I sorry. I not drop you again!"
  • "Come boss" - This is what her Poppa says to call in his cows to feed them. When she sees cows on the side of the road, she tries to 'call' them in! ha!
  • "I didn't take a nap today!" - We hear this every. single. day! Why can't my kid nap?! And she says it like we are supposed to be proud! I tell her she should take a nap and get a little rest, but she says, "No. Ms Adrian say rest." As long as she isn't bothering the other kids, there isn't much we can do, however, this makes for some LONG evenings when she is super tired by 5PM!
  • "I see Gigi/Poppa!", "I watch Barney" - And thankfully she can start FaceTime and Barney on the iPad and iPhone all by herself! This kid LOVES the iPad. And we are on iPad #2 since she decided to chunk it across our kitchen tile! Thank goodness for the warranty!
  • "Berk-y get out your attitude. You hear me?" - She may or may not hear me tell her this pretty often these days, thanks to those awesome tantrums she loves to throw! But of course, anything we tell her, she has to relay back to Berkley. Poor guy... most of the time he is just laying around and gets screamed at for absolutely nothing! Ha!
  • "I got my swag on" - One of the daycare girls taught her this and sent me a video one day. Those girls are too funny!
  • "You love Jesus?" - This past weekend we went out to visit my MIL (who just had surgery on her hand). We were all sitting around playing with Hadlea when she started asking us what we thought was, "You love Jesus?". We all answered yes, of course. We could not stop laughing. But after asking a few 100 times, we figured that she was saying, "You like dishes?". (She was cooking in her toy kitchen.)
  • Go ask daddy. "He playing games on him phone." - I was putting some laundry away, and Hadlea asked me to do something. I said, "go ask daddy". Her response, "he playing games on him phone.". I about fell over! We do not play alot of games on our phones, and he was really reading a website. I just thought it was funny that she totally assumed he was playing a game!
  • "Here you go sir!" - When Hadlea plays kitchen, she refers to everyone as sir. Even though we call her ma'am and I try to correct her daily, she still refers to me a sir.
And just so you have some visuals... or really so the grandparents do not call griping at me that I didn't post any pics of their granddaughter... We went to our first baseball game last night. Hadlea is SO good to be outside. She is like the best child ever! If only we could live outdoors our lives would be awesome! Ha!

LOVE my baby girl!
Happy Wednesday, Friends!

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Anonymous said...

Jake loves Barney as well!:)

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