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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

totally random tuesday & clothes...

Just totally random thoughts...
  • I have been tanning a little. I normally do at the beginning of the spring so I do not burn when summer gets here. {or that is what I tell myself to make me feel better about the decision! ha!}. Anyway... the tanning place is right next to my pharmacy. I cannot help but think, "hmmm... I wonder if one day I will be walking into the pharmacy to get my cancer medicine due to the tanning?!" ...Awesome thought, huh?!
  • My life is slowing but surely becoming consumed with all things fishing. Want to meet my fishing alter egos... find me HERE and HERE! I am now the self proclaimed "personal assistant" to Fred. He refers to me as his "twatter". I prefer my own title better! :-) {So feel free to like his Facebook page and then share to your friends! We currently have a giveaway going on and have some other fun stuff lined up too!}
  • We are in tantrum hell with my 2 year old. I have heard from more than one person that 3 is worse. I might need counseling! :-)
  • We took family pictures a couple weekends ago. I am dying to get them back and share!
  • Eric Church released his video for my favorite song, Springsteen. You can watch it on his website HERE.
  • I really want to meet Troy Aikman and Eric Church. These would be at the top of my bucket list, if I had one.
  • We are taking Hadlea to her second Bassmaster tournament this weekend. She went on Father's Day when she was 6 months old! Her daddy is going to DIE if she doesn't love it! Ha! Here they are about to head to her first tournament. This is still probably one of my favorite pics of them!
  • Gigi, Great-Granny and Nana have been on a buying rampage for Hadlea... Could we already be set for summer?! ....not a chance! Ha

Here is Hadlea wearing one of her outfits. It came with a matching outfit for her baby. She thought this was HILARIOUS... her only problem?! Her baby didn't have a bow! Can you imagine her baby not having a matching bow too?! I definitely cannot! :-) So we dug in Hadlea's old newborn stash and found a headband and bow... her life was then complete!


Brandi said...

I love the "Springsteen" song and Troy Aikman.....I used to be so in love with him in college!!! HOTTIE!

Katie @ Modern-Day Family said...

oh my goodness! that picture of her when she was a baby! GOSH too precious! She is such a pretty little thing!

Candice said...

How much more does she "need"?? She has the best threads!

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