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Monday, April 09, 2012

Thursday, Good Friday& Easter Eve...

Happy Easter
{just a little late!} :-)

I am not sure what it is, but I am running behind on everything this year! Just when I think I am on top of things, I soon realize I am totally not... which sends me into a frenzy trying to get everything done. For example, I went to buy groceries before the weekend. I picked up stuff to color eggs. I decided late one afternoon to color eggs. I tell Hadlea all about it... soon realizing that I never boiled my eggs OR bought vinegar for the coloring! #majormommafail

But, I did have paints so we got out paper and painted... she never knew the difference! Ha!

Thursday, Hadlea had her Easter party at school. She was so excited to be taking her bucket and treats to school! On Good Friday, her daycare was closed, but I had to work. Thankfully it was a slow day, and she allowed me to get a few things done! However, we did get in ALOT of playtime...

While I tried to do emails, I let her play in the bathroom with her bucket and shovel. It looked like my bathroom had overflowed afterwards, but she LOVED it! We played babies, went on walks, went to the park and played t-ball!
Saturday morning, we went to an Easter egg hunt with the Roumbanis' and Goff's. Hadlea LOVED having her daddy there. She showed and told him about everything she was doing... like it was his first experience! Ha!
Hadlea definitely raked in the eggs at this hunt! She loved having Jackson there too!
The egg hunt we went to also had games, jump houses and lunch... all free!
We left from the egg hunt and drove straight to my niece's 6th birthday party! I still cannot believe Hannah is 6! It just doesn't seem possible! We got her a make-up table and some make-up. I am sure her momma loved that! Ha! But she is SO girly and all about dressing up, so I thought it was perfect!
Hannah also had a jump house... which is right up H's alley!
She got alot of lovin' from cousin Riley! He can do no wrong in her book!
We left Hannah's birthday party and drove straight to the country club. Alan and Amanda invited us again this year {see last year HERE} to the egg hunt and dinner. The Easter Bunnies definitely arrived in style this year... by helicopter! The kids were going crazy! They also did a candy drop from the helicopter before the egg hunt! It was fun to watch the older kids dive right in!
Hadlea loved to hunt eggs again... and again this year, talked Auntie A into more candy!
with Gigi and Poppa  /  with Uncle Alan and Auntie A
After leaving the country club, we headed to Alan and Amanda's so Hadlea could open her Easter presents from everyone. She received some super cute things... and LOTS of candy! Uncle Jake was at the house by the time we got there so we squeezed in a family picture!
Saturday was the longest day EVER! I felt like I had ran a marathon going from one place to another, but I am so thankful we have friends and family to share all of these fun activities with!
Easter Sunday to come tomorrow....

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Candice said...

I LOVE That outfit! How cute!!

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