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Monday, April 02, 2012


Hadlea has spent alot of time this season cheering on her Auntie A's beloved Kansas Jayhawks!

Even when Gigi puts on her shirt backwards, she can still represent! :-)

Today will be no different... Hadlea {along with the rest of our family} will be cheering on the Jayhawks in the National Championship game!

Do we love them? Yes.
Are they our favorite team ever? No.
Do we want them to win? Yes.
Do we want to see our Auntie/SIL die of a heart attack if they lose? No.

So you an bet with all of our red and blue glory, we will be screaming at the TV all night!

Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

1 comment:

Active Approach Chiropractic said...

I'm still crying:(. Be glad you didn't come to the watch party. I lost my marbles. Luckily this year I paid my tab before I stormed out:)

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