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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

the OmniLift & sprinkler fun

Last Wednesday, we had about 13-15 people at our house to film a commercial in our driveway... and yes, you read that right! ...IN. OUR. DRIVEWAY! Justin is still working on getting the OmniLift up and out for production. He is mainly the installer, but he is helping get all of the parts right.

Since they were installing on Justin's and Fred's boat, Julie and the boys came over for dinner. Hadlea and I got alot of laughs out of my sweet Avery...
I went out to take a few pictures of Justin at work... pretty sure I heard "get that camera out of my face" a few dozen times! :-) {I still cannot believe I didn't get a picture of the camera crew in our yard. Major fail!}
Thursday morning, we still had Justin's and Fred's boat in our driveway when I left to take Hadlea to daycare, and she couldn't wait to crawl in! We had to take a picture and send to Fred!
Gigi arrived on Friday. She had bought Hadlea a new sprinkler so we spent some time playing with H! She LOVED it!
She has NO fear! I had to show her how to jump in the puddles.... :-)
Even Berkley loved the sprinkler... or loved barking at the water!
We have had a BUSY few weeks and weekend... and it is not slowing down with Easter approaching! I love this time of year and what Easter truly means! So ready to spend some time with our family and friends!

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