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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Jake's Birthday

Last Saturday, we went out to eat with my little brother, Jake, and some of his friends for his 28th birthday! Not sure how he does it, but he has some very loyal and giving friends! Last year, (read here) his friends planned dinner, a limo, the bar and then a party bus! It was nuts! This year was a little more low key... meaning they only used taxis. What a shame! ;-) They went to the Hard Rock Casino, dinner, the bar and back to the casino. I only made dinner this year... is that a sign of me getting older?! Ha! Just Kidding. We were supposed to get severe storms (with tornadoes) and I couldn't imagine being away from Hadlea... even though she was home with her daddy. Thankfully, we were spared of the bad stuff. It was a scary time in Oklahoma and surrounding states!

At dinner: Jake, Me, SIL-Amanda, and Big Brother, Alan.
my baby brother and I
Jake's friends have what they call 'cake wars' for each others birthdays. They spent crazy money on themed birthday cakes for each other. This was Jake's 28th birthday cake... and it is pretty much perfect!
Happy Birthday, Diva! Ha!
bro, me, sil, bro
baby bro and I again!


Brandi said...

That cake is stinkin' stinkin' funny! LOVE it! And your dress, to die for!

Emily said...

What a fun birthday! So awesome to have such great friends.

Love, love your dress!!

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