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Monday, April 30, 2012

Hadlea's Spring Program

Hadlea's daycare does a spring program. They mainly sing a couple songs per class and then a couple together with the entire daycare. No matter how those kids act or sound, they are just too darn cute!

I don't think I have been to one of her programs yet that I haven't teared up just a little. I think last year I almost burst our crying while her class was standing there starring into space singing. I am so grateful for her daycare, but most of all, I am so proud to be Hadlea's momma. I don't know what it is about those programs but it definitely makes me realize just how lucky and blessed I am to have a happy and healthy baby girl!

The first time Hadlea did a program, she ran straight to me as they walked into the room. She didn't even get on stage. The next time, she stayed on stage, but cried most of the time! Ha! This year... she seen me... even though I was trying to hide behind my video camera, but she atleast stayed on stage... she may not have sung or participated, but she stayed on stage. And that is a successful program in my book! :-) {and no, I did not send her to daycare with pigtails and one bow. I guess she asked for pigtails earlier in the day and I had only sent her in one bow. it drove me crazy to watch her like this!}
This is her class on stage... spread out from one end to the other! Hilarious little babies! I would take anyone of those kids home with me in an instant. They are ornery as can be, but great kids! And little J (far left), he is a favorite at our house. He is the one that Hadlea is always fighting with, but they love each other! I would take him home in a heartbeat!
Hadlea's class sang 'Jesus Loves Me'.
{if singing is what you call this! Ha! and don't you love Ms E pulling her dress up through the entire song! that girl is too funny!}

Can you find Hadlea? This is the entire daycare! {I don't know all of those kiddos so hated to show all of their faces!} Hadlea hid in the back with her back turned against the crowed the entire time they sang. But again... she is on stage and not crying! Perfection!
Nana was able to make the program with us! Hadlea was so glad to see her and her new pink cast! :-)
I tried to get a picture of H when we got home in her cute dress from Nana, but this is all I got! Busy girl!

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