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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Sunday 2012

I added a couple more pictures to yesterday's post. You can see them HERE.

I think one of the things I like most about holidays is looking back at the previous years pictures! I mean seriously... how can I really have a baby that is almost 2 and a 1/2 years old?! And how is it possible that I feel like she is a baby (like the 2010 picture), but she is really a growing toddler (like the 2012 picture)?!

I guess no matter what she is... she is BEAUTIFUL. she LOVES me (most of the time). and she is ALL MINE! ...still just so hard to believe!
We got up Easter morning to see that the Easter bunny had visited over night. He left a basket full of goodies... a large bubble wand, stickers, stamps, jewelry. He even hid eggs around the house that Hadlea had to find! Hunting eggs was definitely her favorite part this year... she has asked to do it every day since! Ha!
We then got dressed up.... LOVED her dress this year. I found it online (thanks Gigi for buying), but I cannot remember the place. They had the most adorable outfits EVER! A little pricey, but hey, beauty is pricey sometimes, right?! :-) {and I got Justin to wear his first pink shirt! I have tried to get him to do this for about 5 years now. some definite reverse psychology was played here. and I don't even feel guilty for it. it should just be a fact that ever good looking Mexican should wear pink! Ha!}
We went to church with Justin's family this year. My nephew, Riley, was baptized! Just so proud of that little guy. He is growing up so very fast! Just glad we are able to be such a close part of his life!
After church, the kids hunted eggs and took some pictures with Nana!
We then went to Nana's house for lunch and then headed out to the pond to fish. We caught probably 40+ fish! Fishing is awesome when it is that good! Ha!
Hadlea even got in on the action! She was all about holding the fish until one fell out of her hand and went flopping around on the ground! After that, all we heard was, "that fish flop in green grass and scare me!". Her fish holding days were over! She then snuggled with Hannah and Chloe... when she wasn't eating our bait (hot dogs) with Nana!
Hadlea holding her very first fish = one VERY proud daddy!
After fishing, we headed home to clean up and then met my family for dinner for Uncle Jake's birthday!
Another full day, but so glad we were able to spend it with both sets of families! We are so blessed to have everyone so close!

Hadlea raked it in this year this year with toys, clothes and LOTS of candy! Pretty sure we will still be eating this candy by Halloween!
Hope you all enjoyed your Easter with your friends and family!
God is just too good to us every. single. day!


Emily said...

Wow! What a haul - ha! We have WAY too much candy around here.

Love her Easter dress and the fish photo. So special for Daddy. :-)

Jenny said...

What a beautiful time with family! God is so great to give us amazing holidays that are so special with our families. Praise him in his wisdom.

Ashlie said...

What a fun Easter! Hadlea looks super cute, as usual. If you remember where you got her Easter dress, you have to share, lol! Your so lucky to have both sides of the family close. My parents are 4 hours away, which isn't terrible but it makes holidays hard.

Day Old News said...

Aw Hadlea is just beautiful and yes, she sure did haul in the candy! Wow, I think I need some sugar right now. Thanks for stopping by my blog too! ;)

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