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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt

This past Saturday, Hadlea and I were invited to an Easter Egg Hunt/Party by Emily/Cate and Allison/Finley! These two girls throw THE best parties! Allison just had a baby and Emily is currently pregnant, and they still threw the cutest party... how does that happen!? You two girls are super moms!

I told Hadlea what we were doing a few days before the party, so every morning she woke up asking, "Do I hunt eggs with Tate and Finwey today?". She was super excited the morning I told her yes!
She loved to hunt the eggs! Although, once she had 4, she was done! I asked her if she wanted to get more and she said, "No. I all done!" She did end up getting more once she seen Cate!
I know I am TOTALLY biased, but she is just the most precious thing EVER! How in the world is she actually mine?!
Some of the kids at the party... {totally hope it is okay to post this! :-/} And have you ever tried to get close to 20 kids to stand together.... You will notice my kid is NOT in the picture. She was NOT having it! Ha!
Oh the funny faces of this girl... she sure keeps us entertained!
Just a few pictures of the super cute/decorated backyard!

Thanks so much for having us, Emily and Allison! Yall are just too sweet and thoughtful to invite Hadlea and I! We had such a great time! Hope you have recovered from all of the planning! :-) {And we need a girls night soon! :-)}


katie@tulsadetails said...

She is seriously one cute girl!!! And the clothes you buy her are beyond cute!

So sad I had to miss the party!!! We need to do another dinner soon!!

Annie said...

She is SOOO cute! LOVE that tittle outfit...what a dolly!

Emily said...

Ha ha- love the first pic. She is too cute. You'll have your hands full with this little beauty when she gets older, momma! :-)

Glad she had fun with the eggs!

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