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Friday, April 13, 2012

bubbles, ice cream and a singer

Justin has needed new breaks put on his NEW truck for some time! Not sure how why they are needed so soon... maybe the fact that my husband drives like a bat our of h***!?! But of course he thinks I am nuts when I tell him that...

Anyway, our BIL, Brandon, came over last night to put them on and brought Riley and Hannah with him. We all played outside while the guys worked on the truck. We got out Hadlea's huge bubble wand. I am pretty sure I find it as fascinating at the kids do! Ha! I like to blow the bubbles and watch the kids pop them! Why are kid's laughs so contagious?! I just LOVE hearing them all play and giggle together!
After dinner, Riley asked Justin and Brandon to go to Sonic and get everyone ice cream! What a great idea! {i cannot wait until hadlea is old enough to talk her daddy into doing little nightly runs for us! he is so doomed!}
Riley and Hannah ended up staying the night! Perfect night for a slumber party! They didn't have school as they are using up the snow days they didn't have to take this year. We all got up and took H to daycare since I had meetings all day, but the kids were so good just to play by themselves and do their own thing!

I did walk in to wake Riley up this morning to find this! My two baby boys sleeping together!
I love having Riley and Hannah stay. They are just so funny! And as they get older, they become more independent. And they are just so fun to talk to and carry on a conversation with. You never know what either of them are going to say or bring up! They are hilarious!

And speaking of hilarious... Hannah decided she wanted to sing for us last night. And her choice of song? Delta Dawn... I mean really... how southern is she?! Ha!
{if you aren't sure what she is singing, go HERE}

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Emily said...

these pictures are so cute! glad I found you blog!

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