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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

2012 family spring pictures

We use NiCole of Sullivan Photo to do most of our pictures. Mainly because she is super fast, and once I have my mind made up that I want pictures, I cannot stand to wait a couple of months to take them... or get them back... very patient of me, huh?!

I had this vision of some fishing pictures for Hadlea that I wanted to take before Father's Day so could have something made for Justin. Although he is in our family pictures, he left before the rest...

{i mean... if this doesn't say i love my daddy, i am not sure what does!}

 my very best friend. and why does she look so old?!

{my babies}

{i have these moments where i just cannot believe that she is really my baby. she may look just like her daddy and i both, but it is so hard to believe sometimes that i really have a baby. this picture just makes my heart swell with LOTS of pride. it just doesn't get much cuter! and she is mine. WOW! i am one proud momma.} 

{there happened to be an issue with the spot we were going to take these pictures so we had to compromise. the lighting is very bright, however, they are totally what i wanted. daddy will be so proud of his fishing baby girl!}

and because we had to go mooch off of our friends neighborhood pond for the fishing pics, NiCole was sweet enough to grab a couple snaps of my 'other' babies... Avery and Jackson! Handsome little fellows! 


Ashlie said...

OMG! Love the pictures!!! Such a beautiful family, and do you ever take a bad picture?!?

katie@tulsadetails said...

These are awesome!!! I love how you coordinated, too!! Justin is going to LOVE the ones of Hadlea!!! Adorable!!

Emily said...

Love these! Especially the fishing photos - how special for Daddy. :-)

I've said it before, but Hadlea really is such a little model. Yesterday I asked Asher to stand next to his fingerpainting masterpiece and smile - he stood by it, frowned, and asked if he could lick the paint off his fingers. Doh. Ha!

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