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Monday, March 05, 2012


We make ALOT of videos at our house... with our iPhones, of course! {yes mom, I know I need to pull out the video camera. no need to remind me! :-)} Hadlea loves to video something and then watch it back! Plus these old videos make for awesome 'busy' material in the car!

We made these 3 videos last week. We 'talk' to whoever she wants to talk to and then send it.... and then watch it no less than 100x!

To the Z Family before they arrived on Friday!

To Riley and Hannah because H is REALLY missing them!

To KK and B because H is REALLY missing them too!

The funny thing about KK and B is that we get random messages from them too... so we always know they are going to reply with something SUPER funny... like this! {poor uncle mike. stuck in a house with 3 dancing/cheerleading machines! he sure plays along so good! :-) this is just a video of my phone. we do 'HeyTell' messages with KK and B. kinda like a walkie-talkie.}

H and I look through my blog at pictures! I have a feeling we will be stopping by this post, ALOT!

1 comment:

Mrs. Southern said...

She is so cute!! I love HeyTell! It's so much easier than texting long convos!

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