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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

a very late recap...

I know it has been a long time since I logged into Blogger when I open it to write a post and I already have one started! I guess I started a recap at some point, just not sure when?! Have I ever mentioned how bad my memory is these days?! I guess the good thing about this blog is that Hadlea will get to read about her past! I'm not so sure some days that I will remember stories to tell her! Ha!

Monday - splish splashin' in our 5+ inches of rain!
Tuesday - Justin and I took off of work to attend his aunts funeral. #cancersucks! H went to daycare and then Uncle Alan picked her up and took her home.
Wednesday - H went to daycare and then we had parents as teachers that evening. During one of Hadlea's lessons, she decided to draw on her face! Awesome!
That evening, we painted her "toes black and fangers pink". Her words!
Thursday morning, I got a call at 7AM from Poppa. Now... my good ol' dad doesn't call daily and for him to call me at 7AM is just weird, so of course, I jumped up panicking that something was wrong with someone... but nope, he wanted to drive down and get Hadlea for the day. We had to go that way for the weekend anyway to attend my Goddaughter's birthday (another post to come on that) so he wanted to come get her a day early. And as much as I DID NOT want her to go, who says NO to Poppa?! :-)

So off she went... Cherry Berry ice cream and all...
But my sweet baby boy stayed home to keep me company.. and guard me from all the wondering dogs outside! I have no doubts he could fully protect me from a German Shepard! :-)
Since Justin and I were childless Thursday evening, we went to do a little shopping. Remember HERE where he was a super awesome husband and bought me a new watch for letting him fish so much... well, I have been eyeing a pair of Tory Burch's for a REALLY long time. And since they were about the same price, it would only be smart to exchange the watch for the shoes, right?! I thought so. And with my husband's blessing, we went to do just that!
Friday evening, we met two other couples for dinner and then headed out to watch KU play. I always wonder why I like sports so much... that crap is enough to give anyone a heart attack! But they are in the final four! Yeah!
Saturday morning, we headed to get Hadlea and went to Katelyn's 4th Birthday Party! Stay tuned...


Candice said...

Hadlea just seems like she LOVES life! Awesome!

Emily said...

Those shoes are GORGEOUS!! Love!

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