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Monday, March 19, 2012

rain, rain... go away?

Hadlea would think NOT!

We are in the process of getting about 5-6 inches of rain over the next 4 days. It was only sprinkling when Daddy and Hadlea got home from work/daycare, so we took H in the backyard to play in the water. We live on a corner lot, so of course when it rains alot, it all drains our way. And I would say that is completely fine with Hadlea! :-)

She started out a little unsure... like "mom, it is really okay for me to just walk into this water?!". Once daddy and I assured her she was fine, she jumped right in!
 We heard LOTS of GIGGLES and SQUEALS...
 This was a little out of focus, but I LOVED it!
I think Hadlea will be praying for LOTS of rain in her nighttime prayers going forward!


Crystal Seed said...

I SO need to buy Chloe some rain boots! Those are just TOOOOOO cute!

Ashlie said...

We have had a ton of rain lately too. Presley is always asking to go out and jump in puddles. In fact, I promised her this afternoon, I would take her puddle jumping. I love all the pics of Hadlea. I especially love her rain boots!

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