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Friday, March 09, 2012

our week...

To follow up our crazy, busy weekend, we had a completely jammed packed week!

Nana came over Monday evening to cookout and play with H! It was such a nice evening, so we played outside, had dinner and then played inside... she just couldn't wait to show off her dresses to Nana!
While we were waiting on Nana to arrive, H wanted a snack... here were her choices: orange juice in her pink/blue cup; water with a straw in her pink cup, no lid; a piece of bread and an apple sauce pouch. Interesting choices, but granted for the princess! Ha!
Tuesday we had little gym. While H and I went to the gym, daddy did the grocery shopping! Love that guy! Worst chore ever... right behind laundry!

Wednesday, daddy and H went to Bass Pro while I went to dinner with my friend Stephanie. I wore my new red pants... LOVE! I actually went to buy red skinny jeans, but some of those jeans out there are not even big enough for my ankles to fit through...
Thursday, we had to dress up in our KU (Kansas University) gear for Aunt Amanda! The Big 12 tournament started so we are cheering on the Jayhawks... mostly because the Sooners are AWFUL!
We went to dinner Thursday evening at the Roumbanis house. Fred left today for 3 weeks of tournaments in Florida. Positive thoughts on some awesome finishes!

When we got home, Hadlea wanted to look at the moon. She has really been into looking at the moon and stars lately. She doesn't like the sun though... "it too hot. hurt my eyes". I don't blame her.... unless it is 100 degrees and I'm on the water, I do not like the sun in my eyes either! :-)
Another thing Hadlea is into these days... laying down in the bath. She likes to cover herself up with wash clothes and pretend to sleep. HILARIOUS! Where do these kids come up with these things?! I am just glad she isn't scared of laying in the water... hoping that helps our chances at swimming lessons that we will be taking!
Tonight, we spent the evening at home... just the 3 of us. H had a good time playing with her babies and dressing herself! Then she turned into an Indian and was sword fighting with her 'babe'! She kept yelling at her daddy, "get me babe. get me!". Never a dull moment!
We seem to have a pretty relaxing weekend. Justin is gone fishing to practice for his tournament next weekend. We have a few plans with friends/family, but nothing too much! No telling what H will say or do this weekend... I am always holding my breath these days! Stay tuned...

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Jenn said...

Hadlea is getting so big!! She's still adorable as ever! :)

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