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Thursday, March 08, 2012

KONY 2012 and Bartering

I watched this video yesterday. I haven't been able to stop thinking about it since. Just a horrible thing that is going on over there. I know we have just as much violence here in the US everyday. I laid awake last night thinking about Hadlea getting kidnapped. I was sick. I know that sounds crazy, but those parents and babies are living with that daily.... never knowing if tomorrow will be the day they get taken away. This video reminded me of Blood Diamond. I do not watch alot of movies, but something led me to watch that one. Kids are taken from their families to become killers. It is so hard to comprehend that something like that really happens. But it does.

If you haven't watched this, please do. It is 30 minutes, but it is so real life. So thankful for those that risk their entire lives to make a difference. I wish I was that brave!

Bartering. After talking about child killers, you would think this topic would have to do with other worldly 'issues', but it doesn't. It has to do with my 2 year old. *sigh*.

Hadlea is into anything and everything pink. She wants to eat pink foods. She only wants to eat off of pink plates. She only wants to drink out of pink cups. She only wants to wear pink clothes... including her shoes. She will say, "my favorite color pink". I TRULY wish I was kidding. It. Is. Bad/Sad.

When I pick out her clothes each morning, she helps me. I give her a couple of choices usually having the ability to sway her my way! Until now... This particular Monday morning, I picked out blue tights, a jean skirt, a brown/pink/blue striped top, a blue bow and brown boots. Her response, "those boots not pink". I told her she couldn't wear her pink boots again because she had worn them 4 days in a row and they were rubbing the top of her foot. {obviously my daughter knows beauty (being pink boots) = pain! ha!} She then responded, "I wear a pink bow. Not blue". So I did what any other normal mother of a sassy 2 year old would do. I bartered. With my 2 year old. I said, "I will give you pink tights and a pink bow, if you will wear these brown boots." Her response, "Ok. Good idea!"

I give you my PINK tights, jean skirt, brown/PINK/blue striped top and PINK bow wearing two year old... who completes our entire world... keeps our lives entertaining... and who will make me gray headed faster than I ever thought possible!


Emily said...

Good compromising momma! Sometimes it's just not worth a fight, right?

H has good taste - I love her outfit! :-)

Anonymous said...

this made me LOL!

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