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Friday, March 02, 2012

friday phone dump: our week

  • When we got in from LA on Monday, Justin headed to get our sweet boy from doggy daycare! He comes home DIRTY after playing with all of the other pups, so he always heads straight to the groomers for a bath! He got a hair cut and looks just like a little baby boy again! Berkley Boo Boo, I sure love you! {this is what H and I both tell him multiple times a day! ha!}
  • Tuesday evening we had Little Gym. I skipped gym myself so I could see and play with H a little before having to leave for LG. I had unpacked our clothes the night before, but our suitcases were still out. We spent time pulling each other around... or she 'tried'. She told me I was TOO HEAVY! Ouch! :-(
  • Hadlea is starting to really play with the other kids at LG. They are so much fun to watch! I am so ready for her to move up to the more structured classes.... where they have to listen to someone else {beside a parent} and have to stand in line/wait their turn, etc.
  • Wednesday, I dressed H like a little skater girl. Pretty sure if I have a little boy some day our families are going to be broken hearted... I just do not see my little boy in cowboy boots and jeans! I see him in high top sneakers and DC shoes! Crazy, I know! :-) And I would have to guess my husband would agree. But while I do not have my little skater boy, I will have my skater girl! :) And obviously we were full of our diva-ish ways this morning... since she couldn't decide what mood she wanted to be in!
  • After work/school, we headed to the Roumbanis house for dinner. Fred and Julie had some friends in town and were having a cookout. I guess spending 5 days with us in LA just wasn't enough for them?! Before we left, H got her computer, went to the playroom and started 'working'. She said, "I work wike momma!" Her imagination is out of control these days!
  • While at Fred and Juju's {what H is calling her now}, Fred gave Justin a new hat, which H thinks is hers! I had to snap a pic and send to Fred.
  • Thursday, Daddy picked up H from school and I went to the gym. When I got home, it was still almost 70 degrees! AWESOME! H wanted to go for a bike ride to the park, so we did that while daddy cooked dinner!
  • Today, H is wearing an outfit from Aunt Amanda with her rain boots. It was another morning of "sure, wear whatever you want" and having to explain to the daycare girls that I am NOT crazy! I am just choosing my battles! Ha!
  • We have some family from KS coming in tonight... H cannot wait to see Anna, Harvey and Zac! Lots of fun pics to come!
Happy Weekend Friends!

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