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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

for poppa...

I didn't mean to actually take a long break from blogging, but things around here have been crazy! I feel like we have been running 90 to nothing... even faster than normal!

I have lots of pictures to share from Gigi/Poppas, a birthday, the zoo and Nana/Rustys. Plus our own normal chaos at home! :)

I did get a call from Poppa last night since I haven't posted in almost a week... so here you go Poppa!

Hadlea got to see the Easter Bunny while in Enid this past weekend. She was NOT about him at all. We had to do the whole momma sit with her and slowly move out of the picture while keeping her entertained with candy... it worked!! And not sure about the tongue smile... but we will take it over tears! Ha!

Happy Easter!

1 comment:

Ashlie said...

Last year did not go so well with the Easter bunny. I'll be very interested to see what P does this year. Hadlea looks like she is having the best time in her picture. You would never know she was a bit scared.

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