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Saturday, March 03, 2012


"cousins are friends that will love you forever"

My cousin, Michele, and her family came in from KS on Friday and stayed through today. Justin and Aaron had another hog hunt... or so they say! Since they have hunted twice now and not seen one hog, we are starting to question what they are out really doing?! :-) But whatever they are doing doesn't really matter to us... Michele and I get to catch up, and the kids get to play. Hadlea WAS. IN. HEAVEN. It is like having her own servant staff and paparazzi! They follow her every move. And she eats up every second!
 "a cousin is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost"
Once they got in Friday, Alan and Amanda came over for dinner. We had a great visit and just watched the kids play. Saturday, the boys left for their hunt and Michele, the kids and I hung around the house and went out to lunch. LOVE all of the quality time for Michele and I... stories, which = ALOT of laughs. Plus I get to quiz her out on what I need to be doing with H... paci/no paci, potty train/not to potty train! I totally value her opinion after 3 kids!
No matter the distance between our families, it is like we never miss a beat! I am so glad H is getting to spend time and play with her cousins. I have so many memories with Michele and Malisa as a child, and I hope Hadlea continues to make those same memories! Although, once she gets a little older and not a 'baby' anymore, those kids are going to put her in her place! Being bossy is only cute as the 'baby'! Ha! Oh Anna, Harvey and Zac are just too good to her!

Thanks so much for coming again Z family! We LOVE having you! And cannot wait to see you in October, if not sooner! :-) We love you!

"Cousin to cousin we'll always be, Special friends from the same family tree."

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