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Thursday, March 15, 2012

catching up...

We have had a busy week so I haven't had a chance to recap our weekend! We started our Saturday morning by meeting Taran, Trevin and Raelie at the bounce house! H was SO excited to go see Trevin! She has talked about him for weeks... so she wanted to take her 'baby sistas' to see Trevin too! {yes, that is what she is calling her babies these days... baby sistas. and no. we are not having a baby sista around here anytime soon. thanks for asking! :-) }
Hadlea and T-man sliding!
After the bounce house, we went to CFA for lunch and then home for a nap. Once Hadlea got up, we played for a bit before daddy got home from fishing. While we were waiting, she asked me to curl her hair. I was a little shocked and didn't think for a minute that she would sit through it, but she did! And she was so proud!
After daddy got home and we went out for dinner, we headed to visit our cousins from KS that were in town for baseball games. We had such an awesome visit... man how I wish they lived closer! And Hadlea couldn't get enough of her cousin Maddy. Oh they were SO cute together!
Sunday, daddy went fishing again so H and I spent a rainy, lazy day at home! We played and napped then went to church. It was such a great day!

Monday, daddy had to work late so H and I headed to the park after school. It was such an awesome day and she was in the perfect mood!
Tuesday, daddy had to work late, YET AGAIN, so H and I headed to Little Gym!
Wednesday, Uncle Alan picked up Hadlea from daycare and took her to play. Once Aunt Amanda got off of work, they headed to Incredible Pizza to eat and play! I guess H was the life of the party... and kept saying, "This is great!". Sounds like my daughter! Ha!
Tonight, I had an appointment to get my hair done. Daddy got H and they went shopping at the mall... I guess it was just too much excitement for her so she took a little snooze on the way home.
And I guess now I get to brag on my AWESOME husband! He knows I LOVE watches, so he went and got me a new one at the mall tonight for allowing him to fish so much lately. I honestly have NO issues with Justin fishing so much. It is his passion, and he is doing so great. I am loving watching him grow as a fisherman. But he knows how tough it can be to be a single parent day in and day out. I am just thankful for his thoughfulness! Thanks, babe!
Our friends from KC come in tomorrow... cannot wait to see my baby girls!
Have a great weekend!

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