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Friday, March 30, 2012

a day at the zoo and on the ranch

This past Sunday, we were supposed to be in Medford, however, since Gigi and Poppa stole H a day early, we stole her back and headed home Saturday evening. Since daddy wasn't fishing (GASP!) we decided to make a family day of it and hit the zoo bright and early! We had went to church Saturday night, so we wanted to beat the church crowd!

We called the Goff's at last minute to see if they wanted to meet... and H is always ready to see "Trebin" as she calls him now!

Our little monkey, checking out the birds, petting the goats at the petting zoo and happy baby Raelie!

I think daddy needs to realize that if he is going to fish on a regular basis that he is going to get a new partner... AND SOON! She is turning into a daddy's girl. Ouch! :-)

After the zoo, we went out to eat lunch, made a grocery run, home to unpack groceries and then out to Nana and Rusty's for a day on the ranch! Riley was there with his friend Chloe. We went fishing and both Riley and Chloe caught a fish...

H was too entertained feeding the cows with Nana and Rusty! This girl is NOT scared of anything! Rusty kept giving the cows cubes to get them closer to the pickup. And H never backed down. At one point, she was trying to hand feed them cubes! Crazy girl!

H also got to drive the truck and pet/feed Mimi's donkey... and this donkey eats cookies. I'm still surprised H was willing to give up a cookie to feed the donkey! :-)
This was one jam packed day... but super fun!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Kate turns 4!

This past Saturday we went to my Goddaughter's 4th birthday! It was a princess themed party... and OMGoodness those girls were adorable all dressed up!

Pretty sure these were the two cutest princesses ever! ;-)
{and thanks Cat, I stole your pic from fb!}
Kate was so proud of her cake... she just couldn't wait to light the candles! Hadlea... she just wanted cake!
Kate also had a bounce house.... what is better than cake and a bounce house in Hadlea's book? NOTHING! She had a super fun time playing with her cousin, Jake!
It is so hard to believe that Katelyn is FOUR! It seems just like yesterday we were baptizing her, celebrating her 1st birthday... and now, she is FOUR! It makes me realize how fast time is going and before long, Hadlea will be four too.... {*tear*, *sad face*, *lots of tears*}

I hope you had a great birthday Kate! Thanks for having us!
We love you so much!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

a very late recap...

I know it has been a long time since I logged into Blogger when I open it to write a post and I already have one started! I guess I started a recap at some point, just not sure when?! Have I ever mentioned how bad my memory is these days?! I guess the good thing about this blog is that Hadlea will get to read about her past! I'm not so sure some days that I will remember stories to tell her! Ha!

Monday - splish splashin' in our 5+ inches of rain!
Tuesday - Justin and I took off of work to attend his aunts funeral. #cancersucks! H went to daycare and then Uncle Alan picked her up and took her home.
Wednesday - H went to daycare and then we had parents as teachers that evening. During one of Hadlea's lessons, she decided to draw on her face! Awesome!
That evening, we painted her "toes black and fangers pink". Her words!
Thursday morning, I got a call at 7AM from Poppa. Now... my good ol' dad doesn't call daily and for him to call me at 7AM is just weird, so of course, I jumped up panicking that something was wrong with someone... but nope, he wanted to drive down and get Hadlea for the day. We had to go that way for the weekend anyway to attend my Goddaughter's birthday (another post to come on that) so he wanted to come get her a day early. And as much as I DID NOT want her to go, who says NO to Poppa?! :-)

So off she went... Cherry Berry ice cream and all...
But my sweet baby boy stayed home to keep me company.. and guard me from all the wondering dogs outside! I have no doubts he could fully protect me from a German Shepard! :-)
Since Justin and I were childless Thursday evening, we went to do a little shopping. Remember HERE where he was a super awesome husband and bought me a new watch for letting him fish so much... well, I have been eyeing a pair of Tory Burch's for a REALLY long time. And since they were about the same price, it would only be smart to exchange the watch for the shoes, right?! I thought so. And with my husband's blessing, we went to do just that!
Friday evening, we met two other couples for dinner and then headed out to watch KU play. I always wonder why I like sports so much... that crap is enough to give anyone a heart attack! But they are in the final four! Yeah!
Saturday morning, we headed to get Hadlea and went to Katelyn's 4th Birthday Party! Stay tuned...

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

for poppa...

I didn't mean to actually take a long break from blogging, but things around here have been crazy! I feel like we have been running 90 to nothing... even faster than normal!

I have lots of pictures to share from Gigi/Poppas, a birthday, the zoo and Nana/Rustys. Plus our own normal chaos at home! :)

I did get a call from Poppa last night since I haven't posted in almost a week... so here you go Poppa!

Hadlea got to see the Easter Bunny while in Enid this past weekend. She was NOT about him at all. We had to do the whole momma sit with her and slowly move out of the picture while keeping her entertained with candy... it worked!! And not sure about the tongue smile... but we will take it over tears! Ha!

Happy Easter!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

KK, B and H - our weekend

This weekend our friends from KC came into town... KK, B and Shannan (Hadlea's Godmother)! I had told Hadlea earlier in the week that they would be in on Friday, so every morning she would ask, "KK and B come today?". I had to tell her no for several days... until Friday!

She was up and ready Friday morning. She knew they would be here after school, so I had no issues dropping her off! Ha! The only issue I had was finding her something 'green'... you know, because in her world EVERYTHING has to be pink!

Friday at school, they had a St Pattys Day party so we had to take snacks. I got her out a green dress, but I knew soon enough that it would never work! Thankfully, I dug enough to find a pink and green dress!
KK and B had been at their grandparents all week for spring break, so the grandparents dropped them off at our house Friday afternoon. I had all of these plans of taking the girls to Hadlea's daycare to pick her up. I knew H would LOVE showing off KK and B! However, at about 2PM we had issues at work, and I ended up having to work late. Daddy had to pick up H and bring her home. I was super bummed my previous plan didn't work, but the girls didn't know any different.

While I finished working, Justin was in charge of all 3 girls! I wish I could have heard some of those conversations! Ha! After I finished working, we all headed to the park, and daddy started dinner. Even Berkley got the chance to swing!
Daddy called once dinner was ready and we headed home to eat! Then... it was bathtime. Hadlea loved having them to play with, even though they were outside the tub. They had a great time 'drawing' pictures!
Aunt Shannan got in late Friday evening. Justin left to go stay with a friend as he had a fishing tournament the next morning (or he just wanted out of a house full of girls!), so after the girls were in bed, Shan and I got to catch up! Love conversations with that girl. There is just no better feeling than a very best friends that you can pretty much pour your soul out to and never have to worry about being judged.

Saturday morning, we got up, played and headed to eat lunch! Oh these 3 together in a few years is going to be tough! They have enough sass for about 50 other girls... I cannot imagine once they are in their teens! YIKES!
Then we headed out shopping. Have you ever been shopping with 3 awesome little girls, eating a bag of gummy worms and then the worms run out?! Yeah... not a pretty site! Everyone got Easter clothes and then we were out the door! :-)

We came home for naps and then the Roumbanis family joined us for dinner. We planned to cookout, but it looked like rain so we did lasagna. Yum!
The girls and Jackson played their little hearts out so they were worn out and ready for bed!
H needed a picture with her 'sista'... as she calls Berk these days.
We also had to send a birthday text to Anna Grace!
Anna... We hope you had an awesome day on Saturday! We love and miss you so much!
Aunt Shan, KK and B headed out Sunday after Justin fixed breakfast for all of us! We were so sad to see them go, but we are so thankful for their friendship!

Sunday afternoon, daddy worked on the yard and I played dress-up with H! Old Navy has some super cute stuff out right now... including shoes!!
Sunday evening, we had to change into our KU gear and cheer on the Jayhawks for Aunt Amanda! That game was SO stressful! Thankfully they were able to pull it out!
Hope you all had a fun filled weekend too!

Monday, March 19, 2012

rain, rain... go away?

Hadlea would think NOT!

We are in the process of getting about 5-6 inches of rain over the next 4 days. It was only sprinkling when Daddy and Hadlea got home from work/daycare, so we took H in the backyard to play in the water. We live on a corner lot, so of course when it rains alot, it all drains our way. And I would say that is completely fine with Hadlea! :-)

She started out a little unsure... like "mom, it is really okay for me to just walk into this water?!". Once daddy and I assured her she was fine, she jumped right in!
 We heard LOTS of GIGGLES and SQUEALS...
 This was a little out of focus, but I LOVED it!
I think Hadlea will be praying for LOTS of rain in her nighttime prayers going forward!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

catching up...

We have had a busy week so I haven't had a chance to recap our weekend! We started our Saturday morning by meeting Taran, Trevin and Raelie at the bounce house! H was SO excited to go see Trevin! She has talked about him for weeks... so she wanted to take her 'baby sistas' to see Trevin too! {yes, that is what she is calling her babies these days... baby sistas. and no. we are not having a baby sista around here anytime soon. thanks for asking! :-) }
Hadlea and T-man sliding!
After the bounce house, we went to CFA for lunch and then home for a nap. Once Hadlea got up, we played for a bit before daddy got home from fishing. While we were waiting, she asked me to curl her hair. I was a little shocked and didn't think for a minute that she would sit through it, but she did! And she was so proud!
After daddy got home and we went out for dinner, we headed to visit our cousins from KS that were in town for baseball games. We had such an awesome visit... man how I wish they lived closer! And Hadlea couldn't get enough of her cousin Maddy. Oh they were SO cute together!
Sunday, daddy went fishing again so H and I spent a rainy, lazy day at home! We played and napped then went to church. It was such a great day!

Monday, daddy had to work late so H and I headed to the park after school. It was such an awesome day and she was in the perfect mood!
Tuesday, daddy had to work late, YET AGAIN, so H and I headed to Little Gym!
Wednesday, Uncle Alan picked up Hadlea from daycare and took her to play. Once Aunt Amanda got off of work, they headed to Incredible Pizza to eat and play! I guess H was the life of the party... and kept saying, "This is great!". Sounds like my daughter! Ha!
Tonight, I had an appointment to get my hair done. Daddy got H and they went shopping at the mall... I guess it was just too much excitement for her so she took a little snooze on the way home.
And I guess now I get to brag on my AWESOME husband! He knows I LOVE watches, so he went and got me a new one at the mall tonight for allowing him to fish so much lately. I honestly have NO issues with Justin fishing so much. It is his passion, and he is doing so great. I am loving watching him grow as a fisherman. But he knows how tough it can be to be a single parent day in and day out. I am just thankful for his thoughfulness! Thanks, babe!
Our friends from KC come in tomorrow... cannot wait to see my baby girls!
Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

spring pictures

Hadlea's daycare had their spring pictures today! Of course, I remember the day before and had to throw something together. Thankfully, Gigi had sent us a few outfits awhile back. They looked so big on the hangers that I assumed they were too big for Hadlea. Ummm... wrong! When did my baby get so big?!

She was SO proud of her dress, but more than anyhting, her boots! One of the daycare teachers, Ms Kelsey, often wears boots so she knew Ms Kelsey would love them! She couldn't wait to get to school to show her!
Ms Kelsey sent me this picture when Hadlea went to visit in her classroom. Again, when did my baby get so big?! Geesh!
I received text messages from Ms Adrian (her actual teacher) and Ms Kelsey that Hadlea rocked her pictures! I cannot wait to see them!

And thanks for the messages on yesterday's post... I got a call a little after 2PM yesterday from the daycare saying Hadlea had been bit another child. I was a little confused as to why they were calling me. She has bit and has been bit several times in the past. I did receive a call one time to come get her once she bit 3 times in one day, but I had never received a call saying she was bit. They told me it was bad. I asked if it broke the skin, to which they said no. So I kind of blew it off, thinking they were just taking extra precautions. The daycare teacher that called is new, so I assumed she wasn't used to the biting! Ha!

I arrived to pick her up around 5PM. I had kind of forgot about the biting. When I walked up, the teacher said, "if the bite is still swollen in a couple hours, go ahead and ice it a little more". When I looked down at her arm, I am pretty sure my heart stopped and my blood started boiling. I couldn't really say anything because she has bit a few other kids pretty bad in the past, but nothing like this.

I asked what happened... I guess the kids were getting ready for reading time when J (the kid that bit her - and no, they didn't tell me who it was, Hadlea did!) sat in a chair that Hadlea wanted. She pushed him out, he pushed her, she pushed him again so he bit her. So... what do I really say to that?! J did have to set in timeout and I know they sat them both down for a 'talking'. It is so hard as a momma to realize that kids are kids... and karma will come back around! Ha!

The bite didn't seem to bother Hadlea at all after we got home. She never even talked about it. The picture I posted yesterday was taken 5.5 hours after it happened. This morning, the marks are still there. I really cannot believe that it didn't break the skin!

I guess maybe she will not be biting or pushing kids out of chairs anymore?! ... errr... or hopefully!

Monday, March 12, 2012


When you bite others, they will eventually bite back! :-(

Friday, March 09, 2012

our week...

To follow up our crazy, busy weekend, we had a completely jammed packed week!

Nana came over Monday evening to cookout and play with H! It was such a nice evening, so we played outside, had dinner and then played inside... she just couldn't wait to show off her dresses to Nana!
While we were waiting on Nana to arrive, H wanted a snack... here were her choices: orange juice in her pink/blue cup; water with a straw in her pink cup, no lid; a piece of bread and an apple sauce pouch. Interesting choices, but granted for the princess! Ha!
Tuesday we had little gym. While H and I went to the gym, daddy did the grocery shopping! Love that guy! Worst chore ever... right behind laundry!

Wednesday, daddy and H went to Bass Pro while I went to dinner with my friend Stephanie. I wore my new red pants... LOVE! I actually went to buy red skinny jeans, but some of those jeans out there are not even big enough for my ankles to fit through...
Thursday, we had to dress up in our KU (Kansas University) gear for Aunt Amanda! The Big 12 tournament started so we are cheering on the Jayhawks... mostly because the Sooners are AWFUL!
We went to dinner Thursday evening at the Roumbanis house. Fred left today for 3 weeks of tournaments in Florida. Positive thoughts on some awesome finishes!

When we got home, Hadlea wanted to look at the moon. She has really been into looking at the moon and stars lately. She doesn't like the sun though... "it too hot. hurt my eyes". I don't blame her.... unless it is 100 degrees and I'm on the water, I do not like the sun in my eyes either! :-)
Another thing Hadlea is into these days... laying down in the bath. She likes to cover herself up with wash clothes and pretend to sleep. HILARIOUS! Where do these kids come up with these things?! I am just glad she isn't scared of laying in the water... hoping that helps our chances at swimming lessons that we will be taking!
Tonight, we spent the evening at home... just the 3 of us. H had a good time playing with her babies and dressing herself! Then she turned into an Indian and was sword fighting with her 'babe'! She kept yelling at her daddy, "get me babe. get me!". Never a dull moment!
We seem to have a pretty relaxing weekend. Justin is gone fishing to practice for his tournament next weekend. We have a few plans with friends/family, but nothing too much! No telling what H will say or do this weekend... I am always holding my breath these days! Stay tuned...
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