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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

wordless wednesday & february photo a day: 15

These are captions, not words! :-)

{Reason #500,0017 that I LOVE my daycare... I get sweet pictures like this as my baby girl lays down for a nap!
Oh... I just want to hold her while she naps!}
{This morning before leaving for daycare. She wanted her picture taken.
In order: "Dis my sad face", "I wun weal fass", "Me pose like Bwynlee"... get all of that?! Ha!}
Feb 15. Phone - I changed by phone background yesterday to this perfection of a picture... a heart with a the Dallas star for Valentine's Day! If it had Hadlea and Berkley's face in the middle too, it would be the most perfect picture EVER!
Happy Wednesday, Friends!

1 comment:

Candice said...

All these pics are so cute...and love the captions!

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