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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

what she's saying wednesday & february photo a day: 8

So I think Justin and I should have figured this out MONTHS ago, but we cannot say anything that we do not want repeated! And let me tell you, times are TOUGH in this house! We cannot talk about anything that we do not want out little motor mouth mary to repeat! Geesh! Where has the time gone?! Before long we are going to have to start spelling everything out... and that doesn't last very long! I remember like it was yesterday that we started spelling things out in front of my nephew... and once he could sound stuff out, well... that was over too! :-)

Just some funny things H is saying these days:
  • She is counting to 15 - This is not so funny, but awesome! She has some proud parents!
  • She can say MOST of her abc's - Not all, but she gets a majority of them. I could listen to her little voice sing all. day. long!
  • "Mine name Mariah" - Her imagination grows more and more everyday! It is so hard to believe that she can 'pretend'! This past week she was in the bathtub and I said, "Hadlea". She said, "No, Mine name Mariah". Mariah is a girl in her class. I bust out laughing and had to yell at daddy so he could hear too. I then responded with, "Oh. Hi Mariah. I Mariah's mommy." She said, "NO! You Haddie's mommy. Me Haddie!" Ha! Guess she wasn't into pretending if that meant I was someone else's mommy!
  • "holy cow!", "oh man!" - She is really into saying things like, "oh man, where my baby go?" or "holy cow, that baby is dirty!". Cracks us up!
  • "oh sh*t!" - Yep! She dropped this a few times after spilling my diet coke {which she stole off of the table and took to her room to drink} on my white chair! Oops! And that Oops is for the word, not the drink. I am fine with her spilling drinks as long as it doesn't lead to cussing... which obviously happens for her awful parents! :-)
  • "Daddy Mae", "Momma Mae" - The whole 'Mae' thing started when my nephew, Riley, started calling her Haddie Mae. She then started calling him Riley Mae. Now, when she doesn't like something Justin and I do, she says, "Daddy Mae. No, No!" or "Momma Mae. You need to sit in timeout!". This morning Justin left some hats on the kitchen table. She said, "Daddy's hats?". I said, "Yes. He forgot to put them in his room like a good boy.". She said, "Daddy Mae. You bad boy. I do it for you. No timeout!" Hopefully he returns the favor sometime with no timeout! :-) 
Last night we went to Little Gym! She had a great time! Her favorite part of the night... Bubbles!
Afterwards, we went out for pizza. When we were leaving she put her jacket on and said she was cold! This is her cold face!
Feb 8. Sun - Since we are supposed to get snow here, there is no sun! But thinking of the sun always makes me think of this song. I sing this to Hadlea every single night before going to bed! She really is the light of my life!

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