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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

wedding and a long weekend

Hadlea and I headed out Saturday afternoon to meet Gigi and Poppa for ice cream. Daddy had to work a tackle show for his new project, so we had to go alone.

Once we got to Cherry Berry, Hadlea informed Gigi and I that we were having pink ice cream (like her) and Poppa was having brown. And God forbid you get anything else! ...bossy little thing!
We then headed to the mall to do a little shopping or I did a little shopping while Gigi and Poppa took H to ride the train and play games!
Hadlea then went home with Gigi and Poppa, and I headed to my friend Cats to get ready for the wedding! It was nice to set and visit and play with Katelyn and Hayden! Kate (my Goddaughter) even went to the wedding with us! She is getting so BIG!
The wedding was beautiful! We all LOVED this tree as you walked into the reception!
And the cake... always my favorite part of a wedding! :-) The grooms cake was a bulldog, which they own! It was amazing!
And another picture of us girls with the bride and now her groom! (Check here for yesterday's post about us girls!)
the bride and i! so happy for her!
Catherine, Me and Mikki
two of my very oldest friends!
We had a great evening at the wedding... talking, laughing, drinking, laughing... followed up with breakfast at IHOP! You know it's a great night when it ends with breakfast! ...or so I thought! More on that later!

I stayed the night at Cat's and then drove to Gigi and Poppa's Sunday morning! We spent the morning playing with H and then made lunch!
After lunch, we walked across the street to Jennifer and Mike's! They were having Logan's 1st birthday that afternoon. I wasn't sure Hadlea would make it that late in the day, so we headed over early to give Logan his present. H got a litte play time with Ady in her room and she LOVED it! She has talked about Ady several times since we have been home! And the best thing... those two girls get some play time this week while Daddy and I go on vacation! I think we will have two VERY happy girls!

Happy 1st Birthday Logan! We love you!
After leaving Jennifer's, H and I loaded up and headed home! We had such a great weekend! I love my family and friends so much! I am so thankful for so much love in my life!

Now... back to the IHOP part... and where all great evenings end with breakfast?! ...well, Sunday evening did not end well thanks to my early morning breakfast! I started getting sick on the way home from Medford. I wasn't even sure if I could finish the drive, but I did! I also did not want to call and tell anyone and make them worry. Justin's new project is so important to him, and I wasn't about to call and tell him and risk him leaving to come get me!
So after a few pit stops, I made it home! Thankfully, H slept the whole way. I covered her up with a blanket and cranked the AC on high!
We got in around 5PM and I spent the next almost 7 hours in the bathroom! IT. WAS. AWFUL! I did end having to call Justin around 6PM and ask him to come home. Thankfully, he was walking to his truck to head home. He stopped to get me medicine and something to drink.

As long as the night felt and as bad as I did feel, I will say that something great came from the experience. While we were waiting for daddy to get home, and I was in the bathroom getting sick, Hadlea went to her bathroom, got me a wash cloth, and said, "here momma. your face dirty!". I thought that was so sweet of her. I then told her momma was sick and needed to lay down. I told her my belly hurt and she started giving my belly LOTS of kisses! I am just so thankful for little signs that I might acutally be parenting right! Ha! She was just the sweetest! Laid by me, patted me... I was just so thankful for her sweet heart during that time!

Now, one thing that isn't so sweet... getting from the living room to the bathroom in a split second, only to find your 2 year old had shut all of the lights off AND the door! This is what your arm will look like running fun speed into a door frame! :-)
I woke up Monday morning feeling great! A little weak, but TONS better! I got this little princess dressed and ready for school! Ha!
I didn't have to work due to President's Day so I headed out to get my car cleaned out, run some errands and get my tire fixed... you know... because that is what you plan on when you have a day off... 2 hours in a tire shop with a nail in your tire! :-) No complaints here though... I wasn't in a bathroom AND I wasn't on the side of the road getting it fixed! Ha!

I got H early from school and we headed home for a relaxing evening! We played a little bit and I braided her hair for the first time! She LOVED it! She kept walking over to her daddy and showing him! Oh... some boy is going to go nuts some day having to tell her how cute she looks every.single.second! Ha!
This week... we are running around like crazy! So much to do before leaving for vacation... yes, I still need a post on that! Chances of that getting on here before 8AM tomorrow when we leave are VERY slim... but I will try! :)

Happy week friends! :-)

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