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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

watchin' my baby

We are finally back from vacation... and have been for 3 days now, however, I think my body is still recovering! Pretty sure I should have taken two extra days of vacation just to 'recoup' from my vacation! Ha! Isn't that the way it always goes?! Oh well... that usually means the trip was VERY well worth it!

I have so much to share! If you know me at all or talked to me before leaving on this trip, you knew I was VERY iffy... iffy to leave my baby girl, iffy to spend a week with a bunch of fisherman and iffy to leave my baby girl! :-) Yes, as I have said before, vacations without your baby are always LOTS better in theory! It starts with thinking I need an adult break... so we plan a vacation, but then within days of leaving, I start breaking down and trying to figure out how I can take her! But, I had no doubt she was in GREAT hands. And if I had to guess, I would guess she never knew I was even gone! Is that good or bad?! Ha!

I started to share my trip post first, however, I couldn't have gone on this trip without my friends and family! They totally rock! They definitely know how to keep a momma from getting in the car and driving straight back to get her baby! I received LOTS of calls, pictures and text!

And I cannot even really start this post without thanking my momma! No matter how old I get, my momma is always there for me! I take her for granted every single day. And as many times as I say I am NEVER going to again, I know I always do! She is just too good to us... always going out of her way to make our lives easier!
We were to leave early Thursday morning so my mom headed down Wednesday after work to stay the night so H could sleep in her bed one more night and then sleep in the next day. We could have easily met my mom the night before we left (on Wednesday), but nope, she always sacrifices herself to help us out! I love you mom!

Once H was up on Thursday, her and Gigi headed to see Uncle Alan and Aunt Amanda! Gigi dressed her in her KU gear from Aunt Amanda... thankfully Aunt Amanda caught that H's shirt was on backwards! This had me worried the rest of the trip on how Gigi was going to dress H! :)

Late that afternoon, H and Gigi headed home! I know H was DYING to see her Poppa! He is pretty much the only person she asks to see these days! And their nightly routine was ALWAYS a bowl of ice cream!
Friday morning Gigi had to work so H headed across the street to Jennifer's house. Jennifer was one of my very best friends from high school. It just made me all giddy inside knowing our baby girls were playing together... and most likely bossing little Logan around like Jennifer and I used to do our younger siblings! Ha! Jennifer was so great to keep me updated and send pictures! Thank you so much for keeping her, Jen. No doubt H LOVED Ady! She had the greatest time and is still talking about it today! Love you!
Saturday evening, Gigi and Poppa dressed H up in her boots and an outfit Nana got her! No doubt she looked like THE cutest little cowgirl! They headed to a premium sale. Anything with animals is definitely up Hadlea's alley! {and side note: receiving pictures this cute REALLY makes you miss your baby girl. i would SO much rather receive a picture of her throwing a tantrum or something! :-)}
Here is Hadlea with another high school friend's kids. Darci and I grew up together all of our lives. They are the cutest boys! The bottom pictures are of my little cousin, Kate, showing her lamb, and yes, it has a tutu! Ha! Hadlea, I guess, was a social butterfly and even sat on Father's lap! She also checked out all of the cows, pigs and sheep in the building!
At one point over the weekend, Hadlea went to the farm with Poppa. She got to see the new baby sheep and pigs... along with her own cows  and Poppa's cat, Fatso... which she will always tell you is 'scared' and ran bye-bye!
Gigi brought H back to our house on Sunday so she would already be home when we arrived on Monday... again, Gigi going out of her way for us!

I could NOT wait to get back home to my baby girl! Although my trip was one for the record books, there is always a little piece of you missing when you don't have your baby! I sure missed her sweet face and all of the funny things she comes up with these days!

Gigi and Poppa, Thank you so much for keeping our baby girl! We know she never missed a beat once we walked out of the door! Although I was holding my breath all of the way home, she didn't even come back 'THAT' spoiled! I just new I was going to have to put her through boot camp to get her back into shape! :-) Thanks for all you do for us! We love you so much!


Ashlie said...

Awe! I know your parents loved getting all that time with Hadlea. She is too cute in those boots! can't wait to hear all about your trip.

GiGi said...

I bet we had more fun that you did!! She was very entertaining!!
We are still laughing at some of the things she said!!!

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