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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day 2012 and february photo a day: 14

Happy Valentine's Day!

We have had a super fun day! We started the day by getting everything ready for Hadlea's Valentine's party at daycare. We made these butterflies, which I shared HERE last week. I LOVED the way they turned out! I found THESE free printables and added Hadlea's information in photoshop! LOVE them too!
"You make my <3 flutter! Love, Hadlea."
My sweet girl was all smiles before leaving for daycare to hand out her "butterfly gol' fish" as she called them!

Feb 14. Heart - This is my heart walking on two feet! Just not sure how I lived {or what I did with my time} before her!
I planned to go get Hadlea from daycare early just so I could spend some time with her, but I ended up getting a call around 3PM that she was running a little fever and had several dirty diapers. So I headed up to get her, only to find a girl with NO fever and happy as can be! For that... we were off to celebrate at Cherry Berry! ...where she specifically insisted on "pink ice cream"!
Daddy called to say he would be working late so H and I played and got a visit from Uncle Alan and Aunt Amanda! Hadlea had a great time with them!
Once daddy got home with dinner, we opened gifts! Hadlea showed daddy all of her candy and gifts from daycare! She got LOTS of $$ from Gigi and Poppa and Granny. Daddy and I got her a toy chest with dressup clothes and shoes!
The dressup clothes were a MAJOR hit! We could NOT stop laughing at our little princess!
Daddy and I had also got her some glow sticks to put in her bath! I got this idea from Emily and she LOVED it! Thanks for the idea, Emily!
While in the bath, we got a call from Uncle Jake so we did a little face time! It is kinda had to see, but she is showing him how strong she is! Ha!
Then it was off to bed with her doggy from Alan and Amanda!
Again, an AWESOME Valentine's Day! And even though Daddy and I agreed to not exchange gifts, I did go get him a jacket and pants for fishing. He came home with a VERY sweet card and flowers and is going to get the windows tented on my car!
Hope you enjoyed your day just as much as we did! Happy Day!

And just to reminisce over the last 3 years...
{and I am not sure why Hadlea's arms look short in the 2012 pic. they are not! ha!}

1 comment:

Emily said...

Loving all the love in your house!

How did our babies get so big, so fast. 3 Valentines Days already? Really?

Yay for pink ice cream - H knows what's up. :-)

Glad she loved the glow sticks. Ash requests them every night (even though it's only a once a week or so treat - ha!)

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