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Friday, February 10, 2012

friday facts...

Just alot of random facts for the day....
  • After the VERY crappy morning I had yesterday, I was POSTIVE that today would be awesome... seeing how it was Friday, but WRONG! Today has been a total disaster at work! TGIF!
  • Oh... you wanna know why yesterday morning was so bad, huh?! Well... I realized after dropping H off at daycare that my Louis Vuitton bag was NOT in my car! I remembered taking it into the restaurant the night before, only to never walk out with it! I made a frantic call asking them if they had it, which after looking for 2 1/2 seconds said they didn't! Enter LOTS of tears to my momma, BFF and hubby! So a couple hours later, I called back and told them they did indeed have it and to look again! Guess what?! It appeared! Thank you, Jesus!
  • I might or might not have cried after that for being so freaking materialistic! I cried over a purse! One I love VERY much nonetheless... but I cried over a purse! #fail! {I once heard someone say you should not buy material things if you cannot replace them when lost or stolen. This voice kept repeating in my head! Ouch!}
  • I have sent 1,254 work emails since January 1! My fingers feel like they sent most of them today!
  • We could possibly have a future gymnast on our hands! Ha! {She LOVED this outfit that her Aunt Leslie gave her!}
  • I ran shopping at Target to try on their colored Mossimo jeans. I could not get the size I wear over my ankle! No lie! I then tried some that were two sizes too big, and they barely covered by bum! I called my husband from the dressing room laughing histerically! {I didn't buy them incase you were wondering! Ha!}
  • My friend Stephanie came over for dinner last night and she helped me work on H's Valentines for school. Hadlea helped paint too... Can you find hers?
  • And I wasn't going to show these now, but I LOVED the way they turned out... so run and get your the supplies! Super easy! And H's response after seeing this, "Oh cute butterfwy!". I still have a couple more things to add. {You can find my Valentine Pins HERE.}
  • I was going to make chocolate covered rice crispy treats on a stick, but: A- I think H always gets WAY too much candy! {I know. Sucky Mother!} and B- I never let her eat anything sent home that is not pre-packaged. It freaks me out thinking someone will put something in her candy! Does that make me a sucky mother too?! Ha! I know these butterflies are not pre-packaged, but I didn't actually 'make' the goldfish either!
  • Oh this being a momma thing is sometimes SO overwhelming! Do we do it to ourselves?! And I guess the answer to that is, Yep! Most definitely!
  • Justin sent me this picture he took the other night when my niece and nephew were over! Hadlea's favorite person EVER, Riley Biley! She even has to sit like him while they play PlayStation! Ha!
  • This weekend we have no plans other than dinner tonight with Nana and a birthday tomorrow with our favorite 3 year old boy, Trevin! No doubt H is ready to celebrate with T-man!
  • I really need to shop for our trip at the end of this month so maybe I will do that this weekend too! More on our trip later...
Hope you all enjoy your weekend! :-)


Katie said...

I'm glad you found your bag... I would have felt the same way! Those Valentines are super cute! And why do they make the ankle/foot holes on skinny jeans so small? I was actually wondering that today when I was trying to take mine off (which fit everywhere else). I'm always asking my husband if I have massive ankles/heels or something :)

Candice said...

Someone has been spending a lot of time on Pinterest...! ;P

Glad you found your bag. That would suck!

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