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Monday, February 13, 2012

february photo a day: 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and our weekend

Feb 9. Front door - "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord". This was on our front door when we moved in. LOVE!
Feb 10. Self portrait - Just me! No explanation needed! Ha!
Friday evening, we went to dinner with Nana and Riley! I promise, Hadlea was happy about this! Ha! I am sure she wasn't getting her way with momma so she ran to her Nana! :-)
Feb 11. Makes you happy - A happy baby girl, her balloon hat and her love for animals... makes for one VERY happy momma! And of course momma's new camera bag! Eeeek! LOVE!
Saturday morning, I got up and headed out shopping! I scored some great finds at Express and Gap. The only thing I was going after was new jeans, but I ended up with a pair jeans, slacks, a shirt and a dress! When I was finished shopping for myself, daddy and Hadlea met me so we could get H a new pair of shoes. Some clowns happened to be in the mall making balloon animals so H picked a flower hat! Then it was off to eat lunch at Firehouse Subs where she scored an awesome fireman's hat! Ha!
Saturday afternoon, we headed to Trevin's Mickey Mouse themed 3rd Birthday! They had it at a friend's car museum and it was awesome! There was so much for the kids to play on and look at! We had such a great time.... although all H can talk about is eating a cupcake and helping Trevin eat his own cake "with a fork"! Ha!
Sunday we went to church, and daddy went to work on his boat. H and I spent time playing babies, games and cooking in her kitchen. She was all about making soup. "Veg-lable Soup"! :-)
Feb 12. Inside your closet - I cannot believe I am showing you this! My closet is a disaster! I have 'somewhat' started packing for our trip so I have been stacking clothes everywhere... although there is no excuse for those shoes!
Feb 13. Blue - I ordered Hadlea new bows the other day and got them in today. I always order doubles and two happened to be blue! :-)
Cannot wait for Hadlea's Valentine's party tomorrow... she is so ready to hand our her goodies!

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