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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

february photo a day: 4, 5, 6, 7 and our weekend!

I had planned a last minute trip to KC to visit my very best friend. We just needed some girl time. We had been planning this for a couple of weeks and the night before I leave, Justin decides him and Hadlea want to go too! {I honestly think he was starting to get worried about keeping her an ENTIRE weekend alone. No worries, this momma was worried too! Ha! I have no doubts he could do it. He is a great daddy. But I was just a TAD nervous about leaving them!} We ended up having the most perfect weekend with the Justice family! The girls played and played... and dressed up and posed! Ha!
We went out car shopping for a bit! The girls were SO funny! We had the most perfect afternoon!
{Had, B and KK}
We got a sitter Saturday evening so the adults could go out. But the momma and daddys went separately! Again, we needed our girl time! And the guys just wanted to gamble!

Feb 4. Stranger - I tried several times to take a picture of this 'strange' man trying to get Shan and I's attention while out having dinner and drinks! He was 60+ and would not leave us alone! Fun times!

Feb 5. 10am - Around 10am on Sunday, H was getting her nails painted by her Godmother!
We headed home on Sunday. Hadlea slept the entire 4 HOURS home! We made it home in time to see Uncle Jake at our house...
and to watch the Superbowl! I know most watch it for the commercials. I watch it for them, but for the game too! I am so weird {or so my husband says} because I HATE to go to sports parties. I 'LOVE' to watch the game and when we go to someone's house, I feel rude for watching and not visiting! So we always choose not to go! :-) It was a great game between the Pats and Giants. Being a die hard Dallas fan, I just could NOT cheer for the Giants. And I am still bitter that they won! Grrrr... Oh well, atleast it was a game and not a blowout!

Feb 6. Dinner - Well this is more 'after' dinner! My SIL, niece and nephew came over for dinner. We had chicken and rice followed up by decorating sugar cookies! We had some happy babies!
Feb 7. Button - If you ever need to find Hadlea around our house, she is usually doing 'waundry' {laundry}. So you will hear beeps coming from the laundry room from her pushing the washing machine and dryer buttons!
And just a quick picture of my babies before daycare this morning!


Tammy said...

I just stopped by from fat mum slim blog to have a look at your photos of Feb' they are adorable. Thank you for sharing

Simplyheather said...

haha such cute photos!! love the button one.

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