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Thursday, February 23, 2012

february photo a day: 16 - 23

Feb 16. something new - hadlea is into making all sorts of faces. just a new phase, I guess. :-)
Feb 17. time - still loving my new watch from my brother jake. I wonder if he has anymore decorating in his apartment I can do so he will continue to gift me! ha!
Feb 18. drink - my drink of choice at the wedding! LOVE some granberry vodka's!
Feb 19. something you hate to do - laundry. There are no words for my hate for this chore!
Feb 20. handwriting - I have terrible handwriting! I blame it on typing all of the time. I hardly ever write unless it is a list I am working on for the house. I normally make lists on my phone!
Feb 21. a fave photo of you - This is still my alltime favorite photo of Hadle and I from this summer! That big grin just makes me melt!
Feb 22. where you work - I work for HP Enterprise Services. AKA Hewlett Packard. I previously worked for EDS (Electronic Data Systems), and we were bought out by HP and named HP Enterprise Services. I am a Change Manager for the transporation industry! I love where I work (working out of my house always helps!) and the people I work with!


Kelly said...

I do miss cranberry vodkas! Soon...!

Emily said...

I love that photo of you and H too - her grin is contagious. :-)

Crystal Seed said...

Oh Goodness! That picture of you 2 is just adorable! She looks JUST like you! I love it! And the towel pics! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

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