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Friday, February 03, 2012

february photo a day: 1 and 2

I decided to link up with Fat Mum Slim on the February Photo a Day. I love doing stuff like this so it should be fun! Here is to hoping I remember! Fat chance, I know! Ha!
Feb 1. your view today: We went to meet friends for dinner. This was my view walking in! My babies. Big and Little. Holdings Hands. Melt my ever-loving HEART! 
Feb 2. words: I sent this to a friend the other day so thought it was perfect to share. I think it took MANY years to realize that some people just really are NOT your friends. They are acquaintances. You do NOT have to be friends with everyone. Or try to please everyone. Knowing your 'REAL' friends relieves alot of stress!

I do not have today's photo, but I do want to keep up my 'Mother of the Year' award so I have to share this. I sent H to daycare in a pair of boots that I thought were 6s. They were apparently NOT and were actually 5s. So a day in shoes that are a size and half to small will equal LOTS of blisters. I asked the daycare, and they said she never complained one single time! My tough baby girl... this momma felt TERRIBLE!
Happy Friday! Counting down the seconds to head North to see my very best friend!

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