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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

wilw / wssw

What I'm Loving Wednesday...

This sweet, sweet boy! My bed partner... or one of them! I just love him to pieces! {he needs a hair cut asap!}

I'm loving that daddy took Had to Little Gym last night while I went to a meeting. He said she was perfect! They even went out to a sit down dinner (which wasn't fast food) all by themselves! Daddy was BRAVE!

I'm loving my AWESOME husband! Remember how I was complaining about laundry yesterday?! Well... I didn't get home from my meeting until close to 9PM so daddy and H did FOUR loads of laundry! And two were put away! AND... daddy had given H a bath and they were eating a snack waiting on me to get home so I could kiss her face and put her to bed myself! I swear those two are the best thing EVER!

I'm loving H's daycare as they all send me random texts through the day with pictures of my silly girl! Hadlea LOVES Ms Kelsey! They are just so great about keeping me up to date and making me feel apart of Hadlea's day!


What She's Saying Wednesday...

I swear I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried! Ha!
  • "I wanna go shopping" - music to a shoppin' lovin' momma's ears! Anytime we are about to leave the house, she asks to go shopping. I wasn't sure one morning if she 'KNEW' what shopping was, so I asked her what she wanted to go shopping for. Her response, "I wanna shop for one toy". She knew exactly! Hilarious! Justin and I think it is so funny because she hardly even asks for toys at the store. Ha!
  • "It's okay baby, I be wight there!" -  Her response to her babies lately. Do I tell her to hold on often?! I guess so! Ha!
  • She is on her way to become a world class singer! Ha! ...or so she thinks! These days she 'sings' anything she hears on the tv or radio. I am not sure of the words most of the time, but her bouncing head and body sure do give it away! :-)

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