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Monday, January 23, 2012


This past weekend my cousin from Kansas and her family came down to spend the weekend. This trip has been in the making for 3 years now! Our husbands have been planning a wild hog hunt and every year something came up that we couldn't get together! This past October we set a date and we are all DETERMINED to make it work this year! ....and I am SO glad we did!

I took a total of FOUR pictures all weekend! All we did was play in our pj's and made a Chili's run for lunch! Other than that, we just caught up and played with the kiddos!
 Hadlea and her Anna Gwace (Anna Grace)
Anna, Harvey and Zac gave their complete and undivided attention to Hadlea. She was in heaven! She loved every minute of having them here!

I can honestly not think you all enough for making the drive! It meant so much to have our families together! We cannot wait to see you all again VERY soon!

After they all left, we heard "Where Anna Gwace go?", "Where Harvey and Zac go?" no less than 100 times. We then decided to take a drive and find dinner... hoping that would make H stop asking where everyone went! Obviously she wasn't feeling special enough! Ha! 
She is just so funny and happy these days! So very thankful today for my sweet little family along with relationships that seem to just pick up where they left off! I may not get to talk to Michele daily or weekly, but our relationship is always there... such an amazing feeling!

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