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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

weekend and talkative tuesday

We had a fun filled weekend... what else is new?!

Uncle Alan and Aunt Amanda picked up H from daycare Friday afternoon and took her to Chuck E. Cheese. She LOVED it! ...obviously by that sweet hilarious face!

Once Justin and I got off of work, we picked up dinner and headed to their house to eat. We spent the evening just chatting and playing with H. Uncle Jake was there too so I got in some good brother time!
Saturday morning, we got up and headed to my nephew's 10th birthday part! To get to their house, we have to drive through the town where Justin and I first lived as a married couple. We always drive by our very first home! ...sad to see that it has kind of gone down hill, but I LOVED this house! We always talk about how we wish we could have picked it up, moved it to the country and fixed it up! Such great newlywed memories!

Riley had an awesome 10th birthday party! More on that tomorrow on his actual birthday...
Saturday evening we decided to go to the hockey game with some friends! Hadlea and Trevin thought it was the greatest thing ever!


 They ate enough popcorn for 5 people and couldn't stop watching the game! They also danced to the music... definitely entertainment to the people around us!
Sunday morning, we got up and headed to church! I swear... she is like my own personal dress-up doll! Eeeekkkk!
Then it was to lunch and daddy headed out to meet some guys to fish. H and I went home for nap time and then once daddy got home, we had friends over for dinner. Since Uncle Jake was in town he also stopped by! We cooked out steaks and played with H!

Talkative Tuesday
In the past, I did 'What She's Saying Wednesday', but I have another post for tomorrow {since it's some little boy's birthday} so I decided to post a few things Hadlea is saying... so here is your Talkative Tuesday! Ha!
  • Oh Ma Gawsh - And yes, you need to say it  VERY southern! This is what she is saying to her babies. "Oh Ma Gawsh, baby. It's o-tay. Oh Ma Gawsh." hilarious!
  • When I thought H was down for a nap last week, Justin and I were watching tv and hear "oh yucky. me poop my pants. oh yucky. daddy says dats awesome." We listened and laughed for a good 5 mins! Not sure what daddy teaches her when I'm not around!? :-)
  • Enough! - Hadlea's answer to everything when she wants you to stop. This is awesome to parent! :-) Example: Justin was chasing Berkley around the house one afternoon. Berkley was barking. She tells Justin, "Daddy. Enough. Don't scare Berkley anymore!".

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