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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

TLG, PJ day, walking B and new finds!

Tonight we had Little Gym. Hadlea was a monkey as usual. It always seems she does something to completely embarrass us during the class. You just NEVER know about this girl. Tonight, during bubble time, she decided to lift her shirt and ask the teacher to "blow bubbles on my belly"! Crazy, crazy girl she is! LOVE HER!
On Friday, the daycare had pajama day! {love that place and their ideas!} I let Hadlea pick out her own pjs. Out of Halloween, Christmas and tons of other 'themey' pjs, she chooses some plain pink and gray Gap fleece pjs! I am sure the daycare thought I picked these out since they were so 'normal'! Ha!
Hadlea's daycare teacher sent me this picture of her trying to fit into her play kitchen at school! And see that baby... that is HER baby at school. And no, I did not take it. But every morning one of the kids already at the daycare bring it to her. Those kids are just the sweetest! I guess they have to be to deal with 'someones' bossiness! :-)
Do NOT judge this next picture! Ha! I really cannot believe I am showing you all this... but hey, it's real life around here, right?! Monday, I asked Hadlea and Berkley if they wanted to go for a walk. If you know one thing about my house, you know you do not say the word 'WALK' unless you are going to take Berkley on a walk... or he will whine all day long! As we went to the garage to get Berkley's leash, I noticed it was gone. I remembered it was in Justin's pickup and he was gone! So I had to improvise! I could NOT find a piece of rope so I grabbed the next best thing.... jumper cables! It worked. Again, don't judge! And no, I am not pure white trash... well, atleast now that I am no longer walking my dog on jumper cables! {I seriously just laughed hysterically while I wrote that paragraph!}

Hadlea received some super cute stuff in the mail this week! Gigi found a sale going on over at Hautelook (go HERE and signup for awesome deals) and found these dresses! I love dresses like this because they can last so many years... dresses into tops.
I ordered Hadlea a new valentine's outfit on Southern Tots. I loved the pants so much that I found a girl on Etsy (Darling Little Bow Shop) to make me two more matching shirts! LOVE!
Have you ever wanted something for a really long time and watch and wait for it to be available! That is me with this camera bag! I have waited for this bag to be available for over a year now. I hadn't checked on it in quite some time so today I happened to look and it was available! Meet my little friend THE IT, The Bossi Bag! Hoping and praying it comes in before our trip in a few weeks!
Tomorrow is mid-week! The weather is supposed to be close to 70, so I am hoping for a little playtime outside and a grocery run! ...and daddy making supper! ...definitely daddy making supper! :-)


Ashlie said...

Oh, and let me know what you think of your camera bag when you get it in. I bought a kelly moore bag a while back, but I stuff it so full that everything falls out the top.

Emily said...

Love Hadlea's Valentines outfit. So cute!

You're a super smart mama to use the jumper cables. A pup's gotta walk somehow. Ha!

countesskaz said...

Love those dresses!

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