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Thursday, January 12, 2012

snow and playroom update

We got our first snow last night. Not sure what it is about snow, but I turn into a little kid and hope and pray that it brings a snow day! Not that it helps me at all since I work out of my house, but I will take any excuse I can give my customers as to why my daughter is home with me and annoying them on conference calls! :-)

We just received a small dusting... but enough to make me break out the hot chocolate!
I went to get my hair cut before it started snowing so when I got home someone was WIRED from being home with daddy and eating way too many sugar cookies that they made! {and yes, you read that part right! daddy and H made sugar cookies while I was gone. Such a good daddy he is!} She was ALL about taking some pictures... especially of her babies! She would say, "sit wight there baby. Say cheese. Oh good job baby. You so cute!" Talk about melting my heart! <3!
After she went to bed, daddy and I did some work to the playroom.
 We added 2 turquoise storage ottomans and bookshelves.
Of course I found the bookshelf idea off of Pinterest! :-) My friend Taran made them. {I still need to add the hot pink fringe to them!}
We took the closet door off and added shelves. {Do not look at the top shelf. More organization to come there! Ha!}
My friend Taran also made me a curtain to go on the back of the kitchen. I wanted to add color because I chose not to get a colored kitchen, which was a decision that took most of last year to make! Ha! I really wanted pink, but was afraid baby #2 might be a boy! I'm loving the way it turned out!
Since I had sent Taran plenty of fabric, she made H an apron too!
So here is hoping that 2012 brings lots of fun times and memories for our family! No doubt we will be eating LOTS of fake food and drinking LOTS of fake drinks! Sounds like a fun party in my book! :-)


Summer-Raye said...

The playroom looks fabulous. I LOVE LOVE IT!
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Emily said...

Love the playroom! Especially those turquoise ottomans and that apron - ahhh - I want one for ME!

Rene said...

adorable room, see she likes her camera!!

Ashlie said...

Love the wall color and the turquoise together!!! That kitchen curtain is too cute! P needs one like that:). Also, P does the same thing with her camera. I love it!

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