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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

random thoughts and iPhone pics

Just a few random thoughts along with pictures from my iPhone:
  • Having my baby brother stay with us for two weeks at the end of the year has me missing him something terrible since he had to go back home! Hoping he makes a visit this weekend!
{future VSecret model?! :) she wanted to stand in the window while shopping one day!}

  • My parenting skills have been on my mind alot lately! How do you know the 'right' decisions to make for your child?! I find myself eating so many words these days of things I 'thought' I knew before becoming a parent! It is a hard job!
{cuddling with my sweet baby boy before bed one night. he makes me one proud momma!}

  • I never make resolutions for the new year... mainly because I have a terrible memory and barely remember what I had for dinner last night... so there is no way I would remember them for an entire year! Ha! But this year, I want to vow to help others... volunteer and donate. This is something I want Hadlea to be aware of and do once she is old enough.
{having a slumber party with her baby in her new sleeping bag from the Justice fam!}

  • I really need to get back into my work routine! After the holidays and coming and going as we please, I am completely lost! I need routine! (and a secretary to keep up with everything we have going on!)
{This was from a lunch over Christmas break. She was a 'little' upset that she couldn't have a cookie before eating her lunch! She lives a tough life! Ha!}

  • We have talked on and off for more than a year on whether we want to move into a bigger house. I think we made the decision yesterday to watch for a 'great' deal, but other than that, we will be staying put and working on a few home improvements... mainly organizing!

{we have been working on Hadlea's playroom. we are about finished where I can submit an entire post. I had my friend, Taran, create some things to add color. One of them being a curtain for her kitchen. She had enough fabric left over that she made her an apron too!}

  • I have been seeing so many outfits for Valentine's and Easter that I want to buy, but I KNOW she doesn't need them! I swear, I am constantly playing the buy or not to buy game! Grrrr....
{we have been looking for a bike helmet for Hadlea to use when we ride bikes. we have had a hard time finding one in her size. until we found this one... she loved it! and wore it around the store until we left! ha!}

**side note: I got a comment yesterday asking where I got Hadlea's LOVE shirt in the photo here. I got it at Target. I know last week they still had some. Sorry to whomever asked, but it came through anonymous and there wasn't an email to reply. Let me know if you have anymore questions!! :-)


p.V.e said...

What adorable pics!! She is precious! Thanks for sharing!

Summer-Raye said...

that play kitchen is amazing. I can't wait to see the full post. I hope you see your brother soon. xo

Emily said...

Oh my stars, her "upset" face is the CUTEST! How did you stick to your guns and keep her from the cookie. Auntie Em would have caved for sure. :-)

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