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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

our first week of the new year!

I am completely anal about pictures... I take TONS and normally download them to my computer before I go to bed.... you know... because someone is going to break into my home at night and take my camera but NOT my computer! :-)
I have folders by year and then month. Organization. If only my house looked like my computer folders, I would be in AWESOME shape!
I say all that to tell you how crazy my life is! We HAVE to get back in a routine and FAST! I just found about 50 some pictures one my camera that I wasn't even aware of. Not sure how that happened! But here they are...

On Jan 2, Oklahoma State played Stanford in the Fiesta Bowl. Since Uncle Alan and Aunt Amanda had 'kindly' bought H an OSU cheer uniform, I thought she needed to wear it...
She obviously didn't think so... Ha! jk!
We started back to Little Gym and H was LOVING it! She got a new teacher. She was so impressed with how strong Hadlea was. This class is for 18 months to 2.5 years... H was the only one that could kick her feet up on the bar and hold them there.. like this! Show off! :-) {old pic}
On Friday, we had our friends G and Taran over. Taran needed to bring me the curtain, apron and book shelves that she made me. So I cooked dinner and the kids played!
Saturday, we spent the morning at home. We let H wear some cute little panties around. She LOVED them. We have been talking alot about pottery training. If we can only find a long weekend to just DO IT! Yikes! Where is my baby?! As much as I hate buying diapers, it just makes her seem too old to no longer need them!
Saturday afternoon, we headed out for lunch and then onto Oklahoma City. There was a fish and tackle show going on that Justin wanted to stop by. There are a few stores in the mall there that we do not have so we agreed to go as long as we could both go to OUR places! Compromise at its best! Ha!
At the tackle show, there were snakes, lizards, alligators, etc. Hadlea wanted to hold the snake SO bad! Although the one she wanted to hold was a 9 FOOT boa! It was yellow. Her current favorite color. Go figure! Since that wasn't happening, she settled on a small one, 3ft!
I asked Justin to take her picture and these are what I get...  
Are you kidding me?! Justin is terrified of snakes. He would wrestle a bear before even touching a snake! And no doubt he was ffff-reaking at the thought of Hadlea touching one! But for goodness sakes, could be have got our heads and bodies! :-)
Hadlea also held and touched an alligator. She said, "you cute baby. pretty white teeth". And I am NOT lying! :-)
Saturday night, we met Uncle Jake for dinner and headed home.
Sunday morning, we got up, had breakfast, played, got dressed and headed for church! 
After church, it was lunch, a little shopping and home for the evening!
This was our first full weekend for just our little family in a very long time. It was such a great weekend! I am so thankful for my husband and baby girl. I truly enjoy both of them so much and enjoy making memories with just the 3 of us!


Emily said...

I'm with Justin - those snake pics make my heart race.

Step back, H!! Step back!!

Ha ha...

Summer-Raye said...

OMG i could not hold a snake. ah Makes my skin crawl. ha. You've been quite busy this week

Anonymous said...

Cute photos!

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