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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Happy Birthday, Riley!

Today, my very first baby nephew turns 10 years old! It seems like yesterday that we got up bright and early and headed to the hospital for my SIL to be induced. She wasn't even my SIL at the time, and I think Justin and I had only been together about 4 months, but I knew after those 4 months, I wasn't going anywhere. And I guess my SIL did too, as she invited me to be in the room when Riley was born.
This was my first experience with a live birth. I ABOUT DIED... there is just not enough warning for that stuff... and everyone still likes to make jokes about it to this day! Ha!

I remember that day like it was yesterday, and it is a memory that will thankfully never go away! My heart just about exploded when I seen his sweet face for the first time which was right after I counted all of his fingers and toes to make sure they were intact!! He has always been my best little friend! He makes me more proud than he will ever know! He gave me the nickname 'Hova' since he couldn't say Heather, and it has always stuck! He just makes me feel so darn special!

I LOVE to give Riley a hard time. He is so much fun and is so good at taking jokes! I always bug him about his little girlfriends. I always threaten to come find them! I tell him I want to be his first date when he turns 16. I tell him to never be embarrassed by the crazy aunt that shows up at his functions. I tell him he can always move in with me if he can convince his momma to let him! Ha! I constantly tell him how much I love him and to never outgrow me! One thing I can never tell him enough is how much he means to me! He was the first piece of my heart to get up and walk on two legs. He may not by MY baby, but words can just not express how much I love him!

To see Riley interact with Hadlea is THE MOST precious thing ever! He loves her and the feelings are VERY mutual. Most 10 year old boys are all about their friends, but he never hesitates to give her attention and talk to her in the sweetest little voice ever! I have no doubt that they will be always be the best of friends!

You can find some of my favorite pictures from over the years HERE on last year's post.
Riley Biley,
I love you so much sweet boy! I am so proud of the young man you have become. Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your life. I am so glad you love to come stay with me... even if these days it is to come see Haddie Mae! :-) I cannot wait to watch you grow up. You have so much potential, and I know you will do great things! I still want that first date when you turn 16... that is NOT a joke! And yes, you have to buy! Ha! I hope you have your greatest birthday yet! 
Love always,
Aunt Hova

His birthday party was very cute! Skulls. Definitely right up my alley! :-) There were 16 kids. Oh.My.Goodness those kids were adorable! And hilarious! I LOVED seeing him interact with his friends!
It was such a beautiful day so the kids were able to play outside! H was all about that!
Happy Birthday, Riley!
We cannot wait to see you tonight and celebrate on your actual birthday!

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katie@tulsadetails said...

So sweet, Heather!! You will have to a delivery post on being on the other side! Yikes!! :) What a special bond!

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