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Monday, January 09, 2012

december catch up, uncle jock and jumping

There are just a few more things that I wanted to post about December... I swear, for as fast as December flew by, it is sure dragging around here on the blog! Ha! It was such a fun filled month... although, if every month was that busy, I am pretty sure I would die an early death! It was just TOO busy for my liking!

H had her 2 year doctor visit! No shots + stickers = an awesome visit in her book! She was perfect and let them do a full check-up! She was a motor mouth in the visit and the doctor commented twice on how well she talks! Now... if they only gave you advice to get her to be quiet sometimes! Ha! JK!

She is a TALL and SKINNY girl! 24.6 lbs 24%, 35 1/2 in 78% {I would SO be lying if I said I didn't pray about her height! I am about 3 inches taller than my mom, so if Hadlea is 3 inches taller than me, that would put her about 5'10 or 5'11. ALMOST 6' TALL! Her daddy is 6'3! I am terrified of her being 6' tall! Don't judge me! I know how petty is sounds! :)}

I was able to take off the last two weeks of the year! It.Was.Awesome! Although, some days I was super jealous of SAHMs and some days I was wondering how in the heck you all survive! Hadlea only napped one or two days, so a couple of the days were super long, but I loved every single minute I got to spend with her! She is just one super funny girl! She is also my little dress up doll! I LOVED dressing her up to go places everyday.... 
Looking back at some of the pictures we took through December just makes my heart smile! We made some REALLY great memories... It definitely makes me want to be a SAHM, but my job is just too good to pass up! Since I work out of my house, she will one day get to stay home with me and not have to go to before or after school daycare! That is... once she learns, "Hadlea, momma's on a conference call, you will need to be quiet"! :-)

Since I was off, we got several visits from Uncle Jake! He was off almost the entire month of December so he came and stayed with us when he didn't have anything going on! We got super spoiled with him taking us shopping and out to lunch! I could definitely get used to being a SAHM and having Uncle Jake spoil us! Ha!
Uncle Jake taught Hadlea to say, "Uncle Jake and How-eee Strong"! She says it to this day!
Jake had bought them matching shoes for her birthday so we got some pictures of them in their Creative Recreations! (these are the only tennis shoes that can be worn at red carpet events!)
Daddy also got Hadlea's trampoline put together so we spent HOURS outside! So thankful we have had some nice weather!
I promise, my next post will be about 2012! We are finally moving on to the near year! Ha!


Kelly said...

Super cute pics! Love the trampoline ones!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Just wondering where the shirt your daughter is wearing came from - the light pink striped with "Love" on it? It is super cute and was wondering for my little girl's Valentine's Day party!! Thanks!

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