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Sunday, January 01, 2012

Christmas 2011: Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve day, Daddy, Hadlea and I ran around trying to complete some last minute errands. Grammie and Poppa made it in that afternoon, and then we all got around to make an early Christmas mass. I tried tirelessly to get a picture of Hadlea in her adorable little Christmas dress, but I failed miserably. And of course thought I would try again when we got home, but I forgot!

Our sweet family of 3.
After church, we came home to eat dinner and then changed into our pjs. Hadlea was in an AWESOME mood! There just always seems like something so magical about Christmas Eve!
 Santa's Little Helper!
And as we were taking some pictures, guess who arrived!? 
I honestly thought she would FREAK when he just barged in the door, but NOPE, she ran straight into his arms. And of course wanted to know where her candy cane was!? Ha!
Santa was sweet enough to bring her a candy cane and a present for her babies!
 She spent about 15-20 minutes just talking and hugging on Santa before he had to go! But not before some sweet sugars...
We have been so lucky to have Santa come to our own house the last 3 years! Hopefully Hadlea will continue to be a super sweet little girl, and Santa will want to come see her! :-)
I LOVE Christmas Eve. It is probably pretty even with Christmas Day. Just something about going to church and the anxiousness of knowing what is to come in the morning! I cannot wait to continue to make memories with Hadlea and start more traditions as she becomes more in the 'know' of what Christmas is all about! No doubt we will continue to discuss the 'Reason for the Season' as the years go by! I never want Hadlea to forget that the only reason we are celebrating Christmas is because it is truly Jesus' birthday! It is only a special day because we celebrate Him... everything else is just extra special because that is what He is to us!

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Candice said...

Love all the Christmas posts. Hadlea is dressed to the nines, per usual!!

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