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Monday, January 02, 2012

Christmas 2011: Christmas Day

We woke up Christmas morning to some awesome gifts from Santa (Baby Alive, Tee-Ball set {because daddy being an ex-baseball player doesn't know of any other sport!} a Doug and Melissa piano puzzle {not Santa's greatest gift seeing how that thing got annoying in 5 seconds! ha!} some fun stocking necessities and clothes {a Columbia fleece, a Hurley shirt {for daddy too!} and two outfits from Saks Fifth).
Berk-y boy must have been a great baby too! He racked up some fun toys, bones and treats!
We got this super cute video of Hadlea walking in to find her presents from Santa! I actually thought she would go straight for the baby, but nope, she went straight for the tee-ball set!
ONE.PROUD.DADDY! I really wasn't sure about this gift at first, but we have played with it almost every day. She LOVES it! She also likes us to hit her the ball and she will run after it! Great entertainment!

The rest of the family showed up for lunch. We ordered ribs and grilled chicken from a local restaurant. Hopefully a new tradition! It was SO yummy!
We must have been extra special this year because Gigi and Poppa went crazy with Christmas this year! We got some AWESOME gifts! And Gigi must have been SUPER good because she scored a new LV!! I guess this was the year of Louise Vuitton in our family! Ha!
Hadlea will NEVER go without clothes! I even had to go by 20 new hangers and I still have clothes laying in piles! Ha! No argument here though! :-)
And a girl can NEVER have too many shoes! (Toms from Alan and Amanda, Boots from Nana and Creative Recreations from Jake!)
This wasn't actually a Christmas present, but our friend and professional fishermen, Fred, just got back from South Africa and brought Hadlea this dress! For a guy that has never been around baby girls, I think he did pretty darn good!
I made Alan and Amanda a couple gifts this year. I found them on Pinterest, of course! I made them one ornament with their Save The Date and one with their Wedding Invitation. I wasn't sure about making them as it took all I had to cut of there adorable invites, but I did it.... and SO glad I did. I think they turned out perfect!
After opening gifts, we all headed out to go bowling. Something we did last year, which was SUCH a good time! Just good family time! We didn't get any family pictures, and I didn't get any of us bowling! Hadlea ended up constipated (sorry, TMI!) after we got there and she was in so much pain. We ended up having to get her medicine, but she overcame everything before we had to give her anything! It was such an AWFUL experience! Poor baby was just miserable!
Christmas time is always my favorite time of year. I feel like I need to go into detox after it is all over, but I am always so sad to see it go!
Hope you all had an amazing Christmas season and a Happy New Year!!

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