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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

project 365 - week 51

1st Christmas! We had our first Christmas of the year with out cousins, Anna, Harvey and Zac! And as always, Santa knew we were all together and made a stop!
Kilian Christmas! Definitely our biggest Christmas of the year... these are SOME of the great-grandkids! It is a wild and LOUD Christmas, but super fun!
Uncle Jock Strong! Uncle Jake had two weeks off of vacation so he came to spend some time with Hadlea, daddy and I. We LOVED having him over, especially Hadlea since she got almost ALL of his attention! By the time he had to leave, he would say, "Hadlea, what are we?" and she would respond, "stwong... uncle jock, had-wee stwong!". Definitely gave us a great laugh!
December 20: No picture - Hadlea stayed home to spend the day with me! We then went to the Roumbanis' house for dinner and Christmas cookie decorating!
December 21: No picture - Hadlea went to daycare, while Stephanie and I went to OKC to the new outlet mall. Daddy picked up H after work and then they spent the evening together.

Cousin time! Riley and Hannah came to stay the night before we all celebrated Christmas. We went to see Christmas lights and then stopped by Cherry Berry for ice cream. The kids LOVED it and had a great time!
More Christmas! We celebrated Christmas with Justin's family at our house. We made dinner, opened gifts, played with the kids toys and then went to look at Christmas lights. Hadlea was so sad to see everyone leave! She loves Riley and Hannah SO much!

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